Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Day of School 2011

The craziness that is getting the kids back in school has begun.  Monday was the first day of School.
First I got Emma out the door for her first day of second grade.  She was very excited.  I was glad that I was able to leave the boys at home with Scott while I took her to school.

Then when I got home I got Alan boy ready for the kindergarten open house.  

Of course the other boys had to get in on the pictures.

This year they had the kindergartners just come in for and open house on Monday.  Then they came in one day during the week for evaluations.  Alan's teacher used the words "very advanced" when she was telling me about how he did in math.

At the open house they did a really cute little scavenger hunt.  Bryce LOVED every bit of it.  I think he thought he was going to get to go to kindergarten too.

The last stop was checking out the kindergarten playground.

I spent the rest of the day watching the clock and hoping I didn't get a phone call from the school.

When we got there at the end of the day Emma was all smiles.

I can't believe the kids are getting so big.  This year Emma will be in second grade, Alan will be in kindergarten, and Logan will be in preschool 3 days a week.  Meaning I be home alone with Brycey 7 hours a week!!!!  Crazy!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Ready to go Back to School

 All summer Emma had been wanting to have a "late night" with her friends and the kids were wanting to have a pool party with their friends and all summer I planned on letting them.  Then suddenly I realized that summer was just about over and I never let the kids have their parties.  So on the Friday before school started I let them have their parties.  It was crazy having two parties at the house in one day, but the kids had a lot of fun so it was totally worth it.

We passed out invites to friends in our neighborhood.

The  kids ate like 40 something popsicles.

They danced in the bubbles

 And the popped about 250 water balloons,

The a few hours later we have Emma's night owl party.

We invited all the girls in her class, as kinda a get to know you type thing.  It was hard to get everyone invited (since we didn't know everyone), but we managed to do it.

When the girls arrived we still had the bounce house set up from the party earlier so I let the girls have fun bouncing while everyone arrived.  The girls had a LOT of fun.  I let them eat huge bowls of popcorn while we started the movie and then we took a brief intermission to make ice cream sundaes.

BTW, do you like that piece of furniture in the picture?  That is not its permanent home but I thought it would work will for the sundae table.  I got it at DI and I have plans to totally redo it.

I let the girls go totally wild with the ice cream.  They got to put on as many toppings as they wanted. (they went through 3 cans of whip cream.)

From what I have heard all the girls had a really good time.

While Bryce entertained a bunch of little girls, Scott to Alan and Logan for a quick camping trip.  From what I hear they also had a lot of fun.  The boys loved hanging out by a fire and sleeping in a tent.

Saturday morning was the primary bike parade.  The boys were still gone so just Emma was in it.  They made their way through the neighborhood and got treat when they were done.

Once Scott and the boys got home we spent the rest of the day running all the errands in the world.  That may have been a slight exaggeration, but since it was over 100 degrees out side it sure felt like all the errands in the world.  Our last errand of the day was getting on new hermit crabs to make up for giving up our baby kitty.

On Sunday after church Emma and I had a little fun trying on new outfits to the first day of school.  

What ever will we choose????