Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Quick Trip up to The Logan Temple

On March 3rd we took a quick trip up to the Logan Temple with Scott's parents and grandma.  It was our first time going to the Logan Temple.  I was pretty excited because it has always been one of my favorites.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Love These Boys!!

Bryce and I went to a Pull Ups party recently.  At the party Bryce got a DVD with a bunch of potty training related music videos on it, and a dance mat and blow guitar.  I can't even count how many times I have seen the potty dance music video.  The other day I looked into the family room to see my sweet boys watch the video together.

As far as potty training goes, Bryce has started staying dry a lot and wanting to sit on the potty, but I have haven't really been working on potty training.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Back in January Alan started TaeKwonDo.   His teacher, Master Oliver, was really great and Alan had a lot of fun.  He did one 6 week session.  I think having it twice a week was a lot for Alan so although he really liked it after 6 weeks we was ready for a little break.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bryce and the Black Licorice

Bryce LOVES candy.  I know all kids love candy, but Bryce it a little obsessed with it.  If I don't keep it up high and the pantry door closed he will eat candy constantly.  So I have been trying to not keep candy around.  And not that he really ever got that much, we just finished off candy from Christmas this last week.

The other morning Bryce got a little desperate and found a bag of Daddy's black licorice.  I really thought he was going to hate it, so even though it was morning and he hadn't had breakfast yet I let him have it.  It was kinda funny.

Going for piece #2.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Trip to Washington

In November we took a quick trip up to Washington State to visit family for Thanksgiving.  It was a really great trip as long as I block the memory of the very long drive home with kids throwing up every few miles.

We got up super early Wednesday morning to drive up to Washington.  The kids were really good for the drive. We broke up to trip a little by driving the first leg of the trip up to Scott's Uncle Spence's house in Kenniwick.  We had a super fun sleep over there.  The kids loved getting to have a slumber party with cousins and Scott and I had fun visiting with everyone until the wee hours.  Sadly I didn't take any pictures.  :(

Thursday morning we headed to my grandparents house in Burien and spent Thanksgiving day with my family there.

 The kids had fun meeting cousins they had never met before.

 The boys adored eating Thanksgiving dinner with Great Grandpa Michaud.

 After dinner we played Yatzee and guess what... I won.

 Bryce with Grandpa and Great Grandpa.  The kids really had fun with my dad.  Logan why he had long hair like Rapunzel and climbed all over him.

 Friday morning the kids went on a walk with my dad and sister and their Great Grandma.

 On the walk they found a horse.

 The kids always love hanging out with their aunt Katie.

 After saying good bye to my family, we met up with Guy and Kristin downtown.  First on the list of things to do was to walk to Pikes Market.
 And of course we had to check out the gum wall on the way to the aquarium.

 The aquarium was pretty great. 

 Emma loves jelly fish.

On the long cold dark walk home we discovered it was time for the Christmas tree lighting downtown.  SO wee lucked out and got the see most the fireworks and the freshly lit tree, making the walk home seem less long and cold.

Saturday we took the kids (including Adam, who totally looks like he could be ours so we got a few stares from people.  I think people in Seattle might not be used to seeing a family with 5 kids 7 and under and Emma, Alan, and Adam are all the same size so I think a few of them were trying to decide if they were triplets) to the Pacific Science Center.  It is so cool and the kids were really good, which always makes for a better day.

 The water tables were a big hit.

 And of couse they loved seeing the dinosaurs.

 Blasting off into space.  We were there on a day of a real space shuttle blast off that the kids watched live.

 A picture of all 6 kids :)

 cute little Bryce.

 Umm  just now as I am looking at this picture I am realizing that that kid in the yellow is NOT Logan....  So who is that and where is Logan?  Oh well we brought Logan home with us so it is all good.  OR at least I think that is Logan we brought home.
 My favorite part was the butterfly garden.  One landed right on Logan's head.
Sunday morning we started the VERY LONG drive home.  It was made longer by the frequent stops to get more bags for the kids to throw up in.  Yup.  That is a drive I wish I could forget, but probably never will.

Even with the Barf-stravaganza it was still a really great trip and I was really glad we got to spend a holiday with my family.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Crazy Week

This past week was so crazy at our house... crazy, but fun.

Monday- It was kids eats free Monday night at Chili's.  So we went to Chili's for FHE.  The kids LOVE eating out so they thought it was great. And when we can get 4 free kids meals it really makes eating out AWESOME.

Tuesday- On Tuesday I had the Relief Society birthday party.  We had a princess party.  How fun right?  It has been a LONG time since some one threw a princess party for me. :)  And just before I headed out the door Scott got a call from our neighbor and the men took the kids out to McDonald's.  I had already made dinner, but I said they could go play with their friends.

Wednesday- Wednesday was art night at the kid's school.

 It started with a song from each of the grades.

 Once the songs were over, we met up with the kids so they could show us some of their art. 
Emma's is the one with the yellow moon.

 Alan showing us his dragon,

 and his crazy creature.

  Don't you love the library?  Bryce loves the bench in the front of the school.

Thursday- Thursday was Scott and my 9 year anniversary.  Wow how time does fly.  To "celebrate" we took the kids to Get Air.  It is a trampoline park.  We actually went because I was invited to a party there for bloggers.  You can't beat a free night of fun and we ALL had a BLAST!!  At first I was a little worried my kids would be too young to for it, but no one had more fun that Bryce and I got TONS of free swag.  Including a free birthday party at Get Air and a birthday party to give away on my blog.  AWESOME!

Friday-  On Friday I spent the morning making cake.  I usually do my cake making at night.  But I ran out of time to make the cakes on Thursday night so I have to make them Friday morning.

 I made this cake for a neighbor, and then I also made Alan Boy's birthday cake.  This cake in an ombre extra ruffle cake.  I LOVE the effect.  

 This is why I try not to do cakes while the kids are up.  Poor Bryce (who is almost always in just a diaper weather I like it or not)  tore the place apart.  I just had to laugh and take a quick picture when I saw him squatting there eating his toast on the floor.  Worlds Best Mom!  Right Here!

 Then I got Bryce dressed so we could drive into Salt Lake and pick up Scott and then Logan and I went to on a special day to Toy Story 3 on Ice.  It was so fun.  Logan sat on  my lap the whole time and just stared at it in a trance.  It was literally the best.   When it was over we took the light rail back over to Scott's office where the car was.  Logan really loves it when he get to ride the train.

Saturday- Saturday was Alan's 6th birthday.  When did he get so big????

 We had such a fun day.  We started the day with a Transformers party.  I am making the kids keep their parties small this year.  Four guest!  That's it.  Which is really hard when that are like 15 kids Alan's age on our street and the cul-de-sacs connected to it.  The is like 1 in every 2 houses has a kid Alan's age.

 We played pin the symbol on the Transformer.

 The winner got a coloring book.
We watched a Transformer cartoon while we ate lunch.

 Then Optimus Prime sent the kids on a treasure hunt for Energon.

 The Energon box was PACKED with stuff for their treat bags.

 Then we opened presents and had cake and ice cream.

 That is quite the haul.
 We actually had one more game planned, but once Sonic Generations was opened, that was it and since there were only about 10 mins left before parents were coming we just let them play.

Then we had a couple hours to hang and recover before we headed out to see The Lorax in 3D.  So good.  I loved the animation, the fact that is is a musical, and that it really is a nice family movie.  After the movie we took the kids to McDonald's.  Okay seriously we very rarely go to McDonald's, but it was Alan's birthday and that is what he picked so we had to. But really, Alan had his first Happy Meal on his 4th birthday.
When we got home Scott's fam and our neighbors across the street came over for cake and ice cream.

It was a FUN day.

Sunday- Tonight we had Emma's baptism preview.  I am SO exited that she will be getting baptized this year. I am going to have a hard time not going over board, but hey she is my only girl and for me, being a first generation member of the church, passing that gift on for the first time is HUGE for me.  HUGE.