Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 year in review

I haven't really been very good at keeping this blog up to date this year, but I thought it would be fun to do a year in review and get kinda caught up on all the stuff I didn't post.

We kicked off the year with a very awesome trip to Disneyland, Seaworld, and the San Diego Zoo.  We had a blast with Guy, Kristin, and Adam.

Bryce enjoyed learning how to eat like a big boy. :)

We had fun making Valentines for classmates and friends.

And we had a very fun Valentine's Day.

Alan turned 5!  He had a Mario Party and then we went to Boondocks.

Between Alan's party and Alan's other party, Emma had a choir performance.

Alan got a bike for his birthday.

On the 15th we went on a field trip to the Farmington Fire Station.

Then later that day we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to watch Uncle Kevin open his mission call.  He was called to the Kiev, Ukraine mission.

We also had several outings to the park.

Spring Break was the beginning of April and just for fun we had a little stay-cation.
Monday we went to the Dinosaur Park.

Tuesday we went on a tour of the Sweets candy factory.

Wednesday we went to the Hogle Zoo and on Friday we went to see Smurfs in 3D at the new movie theater.

The next week Emma turned 7!  She had a big Rapunzel party.

I went on a field trip with Emma.

And the next week Alan's baseball season started and Scott turned 30 on the 20th.  (I swear I took pictures, but I can't find them)

We also had a very nice Easter.

Emma lost her first tooth.

We said goodbye to Uncle Kevin for 2 years.

Bryce being Bryce

Alan graduated from Preschool.

Bryce and Logan saved the world from evil.

I took the boys and Alan's friend Cade to the zoo the see the dinosaurs before school was out for the summer.

We had a Hilton family get-together in Great Grandpa and Grandma's back yard (the kids great grandparents, Scott's grandparents.)

The second week of June the kids started swimming lessons.  They had a lot of fun and Bryce loved playing in  the splash area.

On the 9th the baseball season ended for Alan.  It was a lot of fun going to his games as a family.

The 18th was a big day for us...  We got the rest of the grass for the back yard...  Yay! We have a back yard.

Bryce being Bryce.
Bryce still being Bryce.

The 4th of July was a fun day.  Emma was in the Kaysville parade with the Davis High Cheerleaders, then we had a BBQ at Grandma and Grandpa's.   The boys LOVED fireworks.

On the 6th Emma was crowned Little Miss Farmington.  The day before the pageant Emma got her ears pierced.

On the 9th Emma was in the Farmington Festival Days Parade.

Later that day (after we all had some fun at Festival Days)  Emma volunteered at the Miss Farmington petting zoo.

While Dean and Andrea were in town Scott's mom Beth and Andrea and Lesli (my sisters-in-law) and I went out for a little girls lunch and some shopping at a local antique type store.

Since we hadn't had enough parade fun in July, our whole family was in the Days of 47 Children's Parade in Salt Lake.  It was a hot day, but Logan found a cool place to wait for the parade to start.

Next came the Leavitt Family Reunion...

All the grand kids had a fun picnic dinner in the park with Grandpa, Grandma, and Eric, while all their moms and dads got to go out on a date.

I am not sure how we managed to fit so much into July, but we also had a day trip to go fishing at the lake with Scott's parents, Uncles, Dean and Andrea and Tanner and Landon.  It was a really fun day.  The kids go SO DIRTY.

Bryce bring Bryce.

The end of July we got the cutest sweetest baby kitten who had 26 toes.  Sadly we only had him for a couple weeks because as it turns out Scott and I were allergic to him.

Before school started we tried to squeeze in as much fun as we could.  We went to the zoo, the air and space museum, Kangaroo Zoo, and the planetarium.
 The Friday before school started we had a couple of back to school parties.  First we had a popsicle party with a bounce house and and lots of water balloons for a bunch of the kids in the neighborhood.  Then later we had a Night Owl ice cream party for all the girls in Emma's class.

Back to School!!

Just after school started so did soccer season.  Emma, Alan, and Logan where all playing this year so we had soccer games 3 nights a week for like 6 weeks.

September was mostly school and soccer games.
But my Mom, sister Aimee, and Baby Lyle came to visit.  Despite the kids schedule we still found time to have a little extra fun.

As part of her Little Miss duties Emma volunteered at the Miss Farmington Charity Halloween Carnival.

Emma and her court dressed as princesses for the carnival.

Alan and Logan got a room redo and some new beds.

For Halloween the kids were Sleeping Beauty, Clark Kent, Batman, and Captain America.  Since the kids didn't have school.  We got all dolled up early, went into Salt Lake, had lunch with dad, Trick-or-treat at Tracy Aviary, quick trip to the zoo, dinner at Grandma's, the trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  Bryce was so dirty and gross by the end of the day.  The black hair spray kinda got on everything and he was constantly eating candy and drooling candy.

November 5th was the first snow fall of the year.  All the kids were very excited to get out in the snow.

Emma had her fall choir concert.

During the week of Thanksgiving we took a trip up to Washington to see some family.  We spent the first night at Scott's Aunt and Uncle's house (Spence and Jannie) sadly I didn't take any pictures.
We spent Thanksgiving and that night at my grandparents house.  As a nice surprise my dad and sister Katie flew down from Alaska to be there too.

We spent the next two days with Guy and Kristin (Scott's Uncle and Aunt).

December was a crazy month.  Crazy Busy, Crazy Weather..  Crazy, but good.  I will give it it's own post.

I am sure there are things I forgot, but this is a pretty good review of the year.  I know that we went to the zoo at least 10 times this year, but often we are just out having fun so I forget to take pictures.  Oh well.

Happy New Year.