Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spaghetti Night Fun

Just some fun pictures from a recent spaghetti night

You should be able to click on the pic to get a better look

A quick getaway to Park City

As Scott's graduation present I planned an overnight getaway for the two of us to Park City. After all the drama with the car and the van we were a little worried that we wouldn't be able to go, but luckily everything worked out.

So Monday afternoon we headed off to Park City. On the way up, Scott and I stopped at Red Robin. Normally I would say that going out to eat with the kids is not stressful, but when Scott and I got into Red Robin and sat down, I realized how relaxing it is to go out to eat with out the kids... who knew. After dinner we went to the Park City Peaks Hotel to check in and then decided to walk around historic downtown Park City. It was fun, but at 7:30 on a Monday night during the off season, it was like a ghost town, seriously. It was like all the people in the town has suddenly been abducted by aliens leaving everything as it was at that moment. We are talking restaurants with tables set and a candy shop with toffee still in a large copper pot. Pretty much the only people we did see were the "colorful locals" tumbling out of the No Name Saloon. Having the town to ourselves was a lot of fun, kinda like walking through a super cute snow globe. Minus the water and flying snow.

When we got back to the hotel, a few blocks from downtown, we decided to hit the pool. It was so fun. I never forget how much I love Scott, but when our day to day life is so busy (like it has been) I forget how much fun we have together. There was this awesome HUGE outdoor hot tub and it was a beautiful night and then we jumped into the outdoor part of the indoor/outdoor pool (yes it was cold). We seriously goofed off in that pool like a couple of kids.

The next day we went back to downtown and had a very yummy breakfast at a cute little deli and walked around a little again. Surprisingly, at 10:30am it seemed at least a little less deserted. Then we took off to the outlet malls to get Scott some new clothes for work. We got some amazing deals like some really nice $58 pants at Banana Republic for $12 and a $100 pair of Bass shoes for $35. After hours of shopping we once again returned to historic downtown and had dinner on the balcony of the Red Banjo Pizza Parlor. It was soooo good and the atmosphere was wonderful.

And then it was time to return to real life. Back on the homefront Scott's parents got to enjoy a little quality time with the kids which included Alan getting a sudden, and from what I understand decorative, bout of diarrhea (very ususal), Logan's slight cough turning into a cough with a runny nose, and all the three kids who usually go to bed at 7:30 wouldn't fall asleep until 10:30 and then instead of waking up at 7:30 am they woke up at 6:30. And yet when we picked them up Grandma and Grandpa only had nice things to say about what fun, good, sweet, kids they were, all the funny things Alan said, silly things big boy Logan did, and what a nice little mommy Emma was to Logan. If only everyone could see their kids through the eyes of grandparents.
As we were leaving Alan said "Thanks again Grandma." He sure is a funny kid. But really, THANKS AGAIN GUYS!

Once we got home on Tuesday night I suddenly realized that I too am sick. But on the bright side, I managed not to be affected by it until we got home. Let's just hope that it's not the swine flu.'s not the swine flu it is more like a really bad case of whine cold.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick update

Later Saturday night Scott's dad and Jake drive down and helped Scott tow both vehicles to the mechanic. They also left us with their van so we were able to make it to church yesterday and Scott was able to make it into work this morning. Hopefully the mechanic will get to our cars today and Mom and Dad are going to watch the kids and let us borrow their car so we can hopefully still get away tonight. And once again Jenny came to my rescue and took Emma to preschool today.
Thanks for all the help everyone.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

You won't believe it, but I am going to tell you anyway

For Scott's birthday the kids and I have been planning on taking him to Dutch Day at the tulip festival today (For those of you who don't know Scott served his mission in the Netherlands). But it was raining this morning, and Logan has had a hint of a cold, so we decided not to. At 2pm we went to Scott' cousin Abbie's Baptism. It was so wonderful and I am so glad we could share in her special day. When it came time to head home we loaded the kids into the van and when Scott went to start the van it wouldn't start. He messed with it a little, checking the battery and yes it has plenty of gas, then it was decided that Eric would drive Scott back over to our house and get the car so we could move the car seats over and drive us all home. Over an hour after we originally wanted to leave, we were finally home. Now it came down to trying to decide what to do about our van stranded up in Cedar Hills. Scott decided we should take a tow rope and try to tow the van home since it was mostly down hill. I think it is due to the van's power steering and power brakes, but after towing the van about 2 blocks it became clear that we were not going to tow the van home. Then as we were driving home, with all 3 kids in the back seat, the car shuttered and died. As we sided up the red curb and slowed to a stop Scott turns to me and say "The good news is..." Then I laughed cutting him off at the his pause. Scott got out a pushed the car while I steered around the corner and into the old Pleasant Grove Rec Center parking lot, where our car now sits.
Both vehicles to our knowledge should have been in fine working order. The car was just completely checked out in February. Regardless it is Saturday night, everything is closed, both of our vehicles will have to be towed somewhere on Monday, I have had an over night trip for Scott and I in Park City planned for his graduation that looks like it might not happen and I am sure we will have to pay well over $1000 to get everything working again. C'est la vie... or at least our life.
Thanks again to Jenny for rescuing us. It is good to know that help is only a phone call away.

I know you are wishing I had a picture to go along with this post. So picture me laughing, because if I wasn't laughing I would cry.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Logan at 18 months

Logan turned 18 months on the 18th. Oh cute it is his golden month birthday. Anyway, I took him in for his 18 month well check last week and he my little man is now 26 lbs 12 oz. (60%) and 34 inches tall (95%). I can't believe my little baby is getting so big. He also recently started going to nursery at church and although he gets very upset when we drop him off, he has stayed the whole time and been very proud to show us his creation when it is time to pick him up.
Logan has also become a big boy in other cute ways. He loves to color now and he will not let me carry him anywhere, but he is usually very good about letting me hold his hand. He has also leaned to read and count... ok ok I guess that would be hard considering his vocabulary is still limited to words like MAMA (Always said with a large smile), Daddy, and no way (plus a few more). But he does open books, point to the words and say "A A A E E E B." That is also how he counts. I think it is pretty cute. When we told Alan that Logan was going to start coming to nursery with him Alan got excited and said "Oh good, does that mean he can talk in real words now." Despite his lack of words, I can usually understand what he wants.
Also he is still a very sweet little stinker. A few weeks ago we were heading to the van leaving the park and Logan decided he didn't want to. So he climbed back into the equipment where I couldn't reach him, folded his arms (it is funny how when he folds his arms to pray it is so cute and sweet, but when he folds his arms to be obstinate it is... well it is still cute), and said "no way" through his little pouty lips. So I just said "Ok bye Logan" (this always works). Suddenly Logan was running towards me with his hand out stretched saying "no no no no," but now it was a very different no. The sad little no's continued into the parking lot, his little hand in mine until he saw the van. Then once again the no's went back to the defiant ones and he pulled his hand out of mine and made a break for it. As a rule of thumb I ignore baby tantrums and I have found they end a lot sooner, but in parking lots you don't have the option of ignoring the fact that your one year old has taken off running through the parking lot. By the time I got to where he was he had snuck around a close by parked car and for a brief moment I thought a had lost him. Then I heard his triumphant giggle come for the front of the car. He realizes I am coming for him so he now starts running through the grass (at least now he now in a grassy park area safe from cars). He trips and is now on his hands and knees facing me still saying "no no no no" while he crawls backwards. Since he is now somewhere "safe" I decide it is time to ignore him. So I just said "fine Logan" and went on got in the van. The second the van door closed he was suddenly very mad and came running after me. I pretended not to care right up until Logan tripped at the curb and fell into the parking lot right next to our parked van. I jumped out and picked him up and in true Logan spirit he pushed me away and went back to the curb so that he could step down again to prove he could do it. Then he came over and let me put him in the van. Scott watched the whole thing (he was putting Emma and Alan in the van) and said watching that was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Logan has been a lot better about his tantrums since then but he is still a sweet little stinker. And don't tell him, but that little boy has me so wrapped around his little finger that I probably spoil him a little to much and let him get away with more than I should. He just seems to have one of those infectious personalities that you just have to love.

What the heck Marley and Me???

So Scott decided to sign us up for a 2 week free trial of netflix and it has been really fun. Yesterday we watched Marley and Me. Other than the fact that it looked like a cute funny movie about a dog that came out at Christmas time I knew very little about it. I kinda wish some one had warned me about how emotionally draining it is. I think it is a really great movie and I definitely was not disappointed, but along with laughing it also made me cry.. a lot. Ok so for any one who haven't seen it here is the warning and if you don't want to hear it, don't read the rest of this. So they get pregnant the first time and go into the doctor and the second they started the ultra sound my stomach sank because I know how it feels when the look in the face of the person doing the ultra sound doesn't look how it should and how it feels to loose the baby you wanted. Then it hit a little close to home when their children were young and he was working so hard and she was so tired. Then it broke my heart when Marley died. And for those of you who don't know Marley and Me is based on the Grogan's actual lives.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!!!

It was Scott's birthday on Monday and we had a lot of fun. The celebrating started on Saturday with dinner, Vla (a super good dutch pudding like dessert), and presents at Scott's parent's house. Then for his birthday we had had a yummy breakfast. Later that day we went down to BYU. It was fun to go back down to BYU before we are all done. First we hit the bowling alley for the first and last time
during out married college years. The kids had a lot of fun, except Logan who had a lot of fun mixed with spurts of a lot of not fun. At first I thought having the bumper in our gutters would help us bowl our best games ever, but that was not the case.
It is really hard to get the last little pin on the side with the bumpers there. Emma actually did really well and gave Scott a run for his money until her last frame. After bowling we walked around BYU a little and then over to BYU Art Museum. There were a few really cool exhibits there right now, my favorite was
the Walter Wick exhibit (he is the author and photographer for the I Spy books).
His art is very magical, like a child's dream world. To finish the evening we had dinner at the Creamery on 9th. It was such a fun evening, we totally wore the kids out. Poor Alan fell asleep with his ice cream cone in hand.

Emma helped Grandpa prune the nectarine tree and Logan played with the sticks

Scott playing a little nectarine ball with the boys

Logan would not stop picking up the bowling balls, we are just lucky he never dropped one on any one's foot.

Emma the expert bowler

Daddy helping Alan do cool bowling tricks

Daddy and his babies hanging out at BYU

We are so glad we got to spend this fun day with Scott and we are thankful that we have been able to spend another year with our Daddy/husband. Most of all we look forward to many many many years to come. Just for fun I put together this little slide show of Scott the early years.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Growing Before My Very Eyes

Oh man I can't believe my sweet baby girl is 5 now. Emma and I went to Kindergarten orientation at her soon to be new school today. I didn't realize until she was walking away from me up to the front of the room with her fellow classmates how emotional this was all going to be for me. Emma had no fear. She was excited as she left the seat next to me joined her classmates. And then she didn't even look back as she walked out of the room to go explore her future world of desks and chalkboards. I on the other hand was left sitting there watching my baby leave me into the unknown. Over and over again I had to hold back the tears as I thought about my sweet princess. Between her birthday and orientation I have been reflecting a lot on my little girl.

Emma was born Easter morning at 8:02 am. She was a very healthy 9lbs 2oz.

My life changed so much that day. As Emma has grown I have grown. I have learned so much from her and I am sure she will continue to teach me. Emma is the most loving person I have ever met and it is her love that has helped me to be a better mother and person.

Over the past 5 years we have had many firsts together and I am sure we will have many more. I love you my Sweet Sweet Princess Emma Girl!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Emma's 5th Birthday

We had a lot of fun for Emma's birthday this year. The birthday fun started on Friday. I made these cute little ice cream cone cupcakes for her preschool class. Friday was also the Easter party at preschool, so it was a fun fun party day at school.
Right after school Alan and I picked Emma up and took her to the Hannah Montana Movie. Emma and Alan had both been talking about seeing it for months and they were very very excited and other than the 3 trips to the potty during the movie we enjoyed it.
This morning we went to Kangaroo Zoo. It was nice to have Scott there to help keep an eye on everyone. When we got home we put Logan down for a nap and then decorated Easter eggs. Emma really liked dipping the eggs in the dye and Alan just liked to tell Scott what to draw on the eggs. After eggs and once Logan was awake again we opened presents. Emma got a Sleeping Beauty dress, tiara, and shoes; along with sparkle chap stick, a snow glob, game, and Cinderella.
This evening we had dinner at Chuck E Cheese. Chuck E Cheese is a new favorite at our house, apparently. Emma wore her new princess shoes and tiara to dinner.
Then we ended the night with cake and ice cream. Emma wanted a Sleeping Beauty cake this year. I had a lot of fun creating her cake for her. She was so excited when she came down stairs and saw it this morning.

On her way to preschool

Emma's Sleeping Beauty Cake. It really is cake in there and everything is edible, except the doll and the tiara.

Me and my big 5 year old at Kangaroo Zoo

Emma was doing a really cute princess song and dance when this picture was taken. I got the most amazing deal in that dress. It is $88 at the Disney store, but on Memorial day weekend it was on special for $44 and then I got 30% off of that and then got a additional 40% off due to reward points and I bought it online with free shipping. That made it basically $19.

Can you see a theme here?

Sleeping Beauty

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alan the story teller

Lately Alan has started requesting poems at bed time. So I cuddle up next to him and he gives me the topic for that night's poem. His favorite topics are dragons, monsters, and mice. The last few nights he has wanted poems about "everything in the whole world." I have been surprised at the quality for poem I have been able to come up with on the spot. Although I can't ever seem to remember them by the time I am done reading to Emma. Anyway, tonight after my poem about a volcano on a world that is green with orange inside Alan informed me that he had a story for me. It was cute. I had to hurry and write it down before I forgot. So here is Alan bed time story for me. He told it very slowly for effect.

In a green green world that had dragons. Once there was a boy named Super Alan. He lived in a different world with a mouse. He was a mean mean mouse and there was a lot of dark dark dark. Super Alan went across a river and attacked the mouse. The End

I am pretty sure that is almost exactly what he said. Thanks for the nice story Alan Boy. As I was leaving the room I heard Alan say to Logan. I have a story you to Baby Logi. What I nice brother.