Monday, May 31, 2010


I can't believe Alan's last t-ball game will be on Wednesday. This season has gone by so quickly. It has been really fun and Alan has loved it. He even hit a ball off a pitch instead of the tee at his last game. I think the most fun thing about this season is that he was on a team with 11 other boys from our neighborhood. I am so glad we live somewhere where our kids will have plenty of friends to grow up with and play ball with.
Alan at bat

Alan is the one in the red helmet

It was a lot of fun going to his games as a family.

It was a lot of fun to watch. They were so cute out there. The best was when the other team would hit the ball and they would all dog pile on the ball.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brycey Boy

He is just SO stinkin' cute and happy!!!
he is also 5 whole months now.

He is such a funny kid and such an easy baby as long as you don't mess with his schedule. He loves to sleep in his crib. I can just put him in there, tell him good night and he happily puts himself to bed, but he has a hard time sleeping anywhere that isn't his bed. He also LOVES to play with things and his brothers and sister. Her loves to be in his excersauser or if he is just laying on the floor he will bend and roll in hopes of getting a toy or if that fails he loves his feet.
He is also a very picky eater. And by picky eater I mean he still only drinks breast milk and he doesn't want anything else. I am hoping to change that in the next month or so. But I guess we will see. I am a little worried he will have some kind of allergy, but I think I am just projecting after what we went through with Logan's soy allergy.
So a few 5 month old stats. He is almost sitting up on his own, but he does roll front to back and back to front. He is wearing a solid size 6-12 months and some 12-18 months, he wears size 3 diapers, and he has now had two hair cuts.
He also seems to have a very special bond with Logan. I hope that is always true.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Phone Photo Dump

I finally got all the pictures that I have taken with my phone loaded onto my computer. Here are a few gems from the past 9 months. OK it is more than a few.

Brycey in the bath

Brycey on a walk

Logan all ready for bed

The wild Logan napping in his natural habitat

Logan on a walk

Bryce's first bath

Bryce in the hospital

Alan the monkey foot

Emma insisted this looked good and I didn't feel like fighting about it.

Alan writing his name

My men hanging out

My poor kids have nothing to play with

Logan hanging out in his favorite cupboard shortly after we moved in.

Bryce playing with his BFF Drew.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Emma's Kindergarden Program

Today was Emma's Kindergarten program at school. They sang some of the songs they learned this year and some kids had a little speaking part. Emma was lucky enough to have have a part. She said "No, that's silly." She did a very good job. We took mostly video, but here are a few pictures of the fun.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nicholls Park

Since we had already had a "spiritual" FHE on Sunday, on Monday we granted Alan's wish and had an FHE pizza picnic at the castle park. It was a lot of fun, but maybe a little chilly when the wind picked up a little.

Bryce had a good time swinging for the first time. I just love all of these Bryce faces.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

playing catch up

That is how I feel lately, like I am always playing catch up. So now I am finally getting around to playing catch up on the blog.

Bryce rolls a lot more now. He can roll both front to back and back to front.

Cute brothers

Bryce is fully in his own crib and room now. He falls asleep on his own for naps and sleeps 10:30 pm to 8 am most nights.

This is the cake I made for Scott's 29th birthday.

We had a joint birthday party at our house for Scott and Jake on the 20th. We put his birthday present (a grill) to good use and grilled up some steaks.

Alan had his first t-ball game on the 21st. He had a lot of fun. He hit the ball twice and threw the ball to first base once.

Logan and Bryce are really good buddies. They love hanging out together. Logan is actually very considerate of "his baby" and loves to take care of him for me. Today while I was at a kick boxing aerobics class over at the church, Logan just sat and took care of Bryce in his car seat. He talked to him, picked up his toys if he dropped them and even rocked him to sleep. It was very sweet to watch.

Alan had his second game on the 28th. They are all seriously so cute out there and getting better everyweek. It was so cold for that game and actually started snowing the next morning.

On the 29th Bryce turned 4 months old. I took him in for his well check and other than charming everyone with his big blue eyes and giggles, he also showed off his hugeness.

Bryce is now 16 lbs and 26.5 inches tall. He is wearing a 12-18 months size outfit in the above picture.

On Sunday, May 2nd we met up with Scott's family in Salt Lake for Stake Conference at the Conference Center. They kids had so much fun getting the tickets and being in that amazing building. After the meeting we went over to Temple Square for a while and then headed home. Later after dinner we had a huge Hilton Family Home Evening. Bryce was very nice and let his Great Grandma Hilton hold him and love on him.This is the blanket set I made for Scott's sister Andrea's new little guy, Landon Clesse Hilton. He was born on May 4th, is very cute and we can't wait to meet him this summer.