Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jumping on the Band Wagon

Ashley, Jenny, Kathleen, Chantel, Chirsty, Kelli, Shona, Joleen, Alicia, and myself.....What do these people all have in common?

That's right, we are all people I know. Oh and we are all pregnant. We are very excited to announce that baby #4 is on its way. And yes it was on purpose. :) I am about 4week and 5 days give or take a day. These means my probable due date is October 31st, but we will have a better due date in a few weeks when I go to the doctor. For now we are just very happy. Emma and Alan are both so excited for a new baby it is silly. Emma is always asking if it is Halloween yet so we can have our new baby and Alan likes to come up and pinch my tummy saying "where is that baby?" He also informed me that he would like a girl and a boy. But Emma told him we already have a boy baby (Logan, he is still a baby right?) so now we just need that girl and they can be twins. I guess the new baby could be Logan's "twin" separated by 2 years since he will turn 2 on October 18th. This twin thing is new for Alan, since about December he has been telling me the our new baby was going to be a girl. Obviously I was not pregnant then, but Alan always seems to just know things. Personally I also think I am ready for another girl, but I will not be at all disappointed if this little one is a boy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's/President's Day weekend

Wow, last weekend was CRAZY. I would say that it started on Thursday. Thursday night Scott and I decided to go on our Valentine's Day date. It was so fun. We decided to just go to Cafe Rio and then walk around Target, but we had SO MUCH FUN. It was fun to look at some stuff that we may actually get to buy later this year. I really want a Wii and the Wii cheerleading stuff... and I decided that I really like the Sony flat screen tvs. Maybe someday. Mostly it was just fun to be together. Thanks to Eric for always being willing to babysit the kids.

Friday we went up to Mom and Dad's for Ludy's birthday dinner. We also took advantage of Mom and Dad leaving for a wedding reception and we stole all of the pictures that we could find out of their house, to work on some presents for Mom's 50th.

For Valentine's Day the kids got Scott the Cranium game Hullabaloo, because they love spending time with him. We played a few rounds and then spent the rest of the day organizing pictures and scanning photos, preparing a primary lesson, preparing for primary sharing-time, and getting everything ready for our trip up to the cabin.

Sunday right after church we finished getting ready and then headed off to the cabin. I love going to the cabin. It was so nice to get away. By the time we got there Mom, Dad, Eric, Jake, and Kevin were already there. There was enough snow that we had to park at the bottom of the driveway and hike up. The kids went to bed soon after we got there and Scott, Kevin, Eric, and I settled into a game of Monopoly. I totally kicked everyone's trash and I was the only one who didn't cheat.

Monday we spent the day at the cabin in celebration of Mom's 50th birthday. We played a few games with the kids and took them outside to play in the snow. That night I made Mom a yummy birthday dinner with Chicken, a sweet salad, twice backed potatoes, and Hawaiian rolls. And then Marie Callender's Coconut Cream Pie for dessert. After dinner, Mom, Dad, Eric, Jake, and Kev went home, but Scott, the kids, and I decided to stay one more night. We played Bingo with the kids before putting them to bed, and then Scott and I put on one of the old movies at the cabin. It was so nice. Around 11pm that night it started to snow and by the time the kids got up in the morning it had snowed 8 to 10 inches. We decided that we'd better just get packed up and head out so that we wouldn't get snowed in. By the time we got the kids fed, packed up, and the cabin cleaned up, the snow was up to my knees. The good and bad news was that the snow plows hadn't come by yet. So we started our drive out. We were surprised that we could drive out of the driveway, then down the completely unplowed road that cabin is on, with no slipping or getting stuck. We sure are grateful for new tires and all-wheel-drive on our van. Then we made it on to the next road that had been plowed at somepoint, but it had been hours. We knew that the worst part was going to be making it through Trappers' Loop (a very windy, hilly, mountain road). A few times we experienced complete white-out conditions and had to completely stop, blind in the snow. During one white-out, it was a good thing that we stopped because the road turned just ahead and we would have had no idea and driven off of the mountain. And there was a bit of a hold-up when we got stopped with the 50 or so vehicles waiting for the road to the Snowbasin ski resort to open. In the end we made it to Scott's parent's house without any major problems.

Tuesday was Mom's actual birthday. While she was having lunch with a few of her sister's and her Mom, Scott and I finished up our presents to her. We cleaned out the hall closest that the pictures go in, made a birthday door, made sure the photo album that we had filled with pictures of her was ready, set up the new bins of organized photos to go back into the closet, and made sure thast the DVD slideshow was ready. Emma, Alan, and Logan got her a snowglobe that has a digital picture frame in it that plays though 40 pictures of the grandkids. Emma and Alan are obsessed with snowglobes right now for some reason. Emma really wants a disney princess one. It was still snowing all day in Davis county, so we left before dark to make sure that we could get home safe. All in all it was a very fun, busy, adventuresome weekend.

Logan had a lot of fun in the snow.

Going for a ride.

For some reason we almost always end up going to the cabin sometime in mid-January to mid-February. So just for fun, here are some pictures from our cabin trips the past couple years.

Alan on the cabin deck in 2008. This is the same deck that is in the first picture. Look at all the snow, you can't even see the railings.

This was in exactly the same spot as the first picture. This is Feb 2008.

This is right next to the railing, check out that snow. Wow. I am pretty sure I am standing in this hole. Feb 2008.

Alan sledding with Uncle Dean. This was baby Alan's first time sledding on our cabin trip in January 2007.

Emma and Aunt Andrea, cabin trip 2007.

I remember also going in Jan/Feb of 2006 because I remember all the debate about wether I wanted to go up there 8 months pregnant.
And I recently came across a picture of Scott and me there on my 21st birthday in January 2003. I also know we were there early in April 2004 (just a few days before I had Emma).
And ofcourse Scott and I were at the cabin March 2003....it was our honeymoon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something handmade from me

I got this from my awesome friend Kathleen's blog...I'm so excited to see what she makes for me, so always makes the cutest things!!

The deal:
The first 5 people to respond to this post will receive something made by me. To you! It will be my choice and made especially for you. Just so we’re on the same page, here are . . .

The details:
No guarantees you will feel absolute true love, but possibly happiness, fervor, or chocolate.
What I create will be just for you.
It will be done sometime this year.
You have no clue what it will be… it may be a story. Maybe poetry. (Well, probably not either of those.) I may draw or paint something. Most likely sew or create something. I may bake something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you! That’s for sure.
I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The fine print (which is actually the same size, but whatever):
You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on their blog. When you get your lovely homemade goods from me, post a picture on your blog so I know my love arrived without a hitch.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Firday the 13th

So it wasn't scary, but it was an unlucky nightmare! Today after going to the post office, while I was buckling Emma and Alan into their car seats, Logan stole my keys. I didn't really realize it until I closed the van door and heard it lock. That's right, the little stinker stole my keys, pushed the lock button on the remote, and locked the door just before I could open my door. So there I am outside the post office, locked out, with all three kids buckled into their car seats. At first I hoped that Logan would just press the unlock button, but instead he dropped the keys to the floor. Then I told Emma that I needed her to undo her seat belt and come unlock the door, but she couldn't. So after a few moment I called the police and about 20 minutes later a very nice officer came and after a few tries was able to unlock my van. Emma and Alan had fun eating all the candy Emma had just brought home from her school party, even though I told them not to (I guess I am not very scary from the other side of the glass). And I guess if you look on the bright side, it was a beautiful day outside, the van wasn't running, I didn't have to pay anything, and I know my van is not easy to break into, and once you do break into it the alarm dosen't turn off easily.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My AMAZING Alan boy

So I have not been that into the idea of potty training Alan. Every now and again I would ask him if he would like to use the potty, but it was never anything I was working on. And to be honest I probably only asked him if he wanted to like once a week. So Sunday night Alan was in the bath when suddenly he says "Mommy I need to use the potty." So I help him out of the bath and onto the potty and he went. Since then there have been two little accidents, but I have not had to change and Alan diaper since. Can you believe that. Alan basically potty trained himself in two days. And they say potty training boys is harder than girls. Lets just hope he continues on on this path and he will be in "little boy" underwear soon. I say little boy because whenever I call him a big boy he says, "No Mom, I am a little boy."

Monday, February 9, 2009


I love my sweet sweet boys. And I love having these two cute little brothers. Logan seems to have grown up so much lately and he has really started playing and interacting with Alan. It is so cute to watch the two of them playing together. With Emma at school 3 mornings a week the boys and I get to spend a little quality time together. It has been nice to have that time with them and fun to see how much Emma is growing and learning.

Here they are being puppies together

I was lucky to snap a picture of this sweet moment.


A fun break from life

On Friday night Scott and I decided we needed to take a break from the everyday stuff we have been dealing with, so we decided to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. It was the kids first time and now they are hooked. We invited Eric along for the fun and all of us had a great time. It was also Andrea's birthday, so we called her up and sang Happy Birthday from the restaurant. Scott and Eric helping the kids play some games

Daddy and Alan being dragons driving a dragon.

All the kids took a turn on the clock ride

My cute cute cute baby Bogan!

We used one of our last tokens to get this picture. We tried really hard to get everyone in it.
We succeeded...Kinda

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zigzag Zaboomfoos Zigzag

My poor Emma girl is sick today. So Emma, Logan, and I stayed home from church. I always feel so bad for my kids when they are sick, but at least they are very sweet. I was rubbing Emma's back and holding her throw-up bowl while she was putting it to use. And then as soon as she was done she said to me, "Thank you for taking care of me while I am sick Mom." I have such a sweet girl.
So while Daddy and Alan are at church Emma and I have been sitting around watching Disney movies and kids shows on TV. Anyway, we were watching Zaboomafoo, when suddenly Emma yelled out "Zigzag Zaboomafoos Zigzag!" They were doing something with crocodiles and there was one about to get them. A little over a week ago, we went to the Bean Museum for a live animal show, and they taught the kids that if you are being chased by a crocodile, you should zigzag. I was surprised that she remembered that. Kids are such sponges, it really hits home how important it is to make sure they a seeing and learning the right things.

When my men got home Alan was excited to show all of us the necklaces he had made for us in nursery. He gave one to Daddy, one to Mommy, one to Emma and he had one more for himself. Then Logan made it known that he wanted one, so Alan said "Oh, actually I made this one for my brother." And he went to give his "Heavenly Father and Jesus love Me" necklace to Logi, but Daddy convinced Alan then he could share his with Logan instead. What nice kids!