Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our annual May Picture

We finally went and got our annual May portrait at Kiddie Kandids. I am not totally sure why we choose to always do it in May (I think it has something to do with coupons that we get in May), but it is fun to see how much the kids have grown. I was surprised to how much Emma has changed this year, I didn't really think she could get any prettier, but somehow she has. Maybe I am biased. Ofcourse Alan Boy and Baby Bogan are as cute as ever. I think Alan is finally starting to slow down his growing a little, or atleast he still looks like the same kid as he did the year before. And it is fun to see Logan looking like a big boy 7 months to 19 months is a big difference.

All Aboard Preschool

These are just a few pictures from Emma's preschool class these past few months that I finally got around to scanning.

Emma's Class picture

Enjoying her birthday treat

At the Farm Country field trip. I am very allergic to horses so I didn't go on this field trip so I was very glad to get a few pictures. She had the coolest pig tails I have ever done in her hair that day. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Well she did it! After two long years of hard work Emma graduated from Preschool. It was touch and go whether or not she was going to pass all of her classes and get enough credits, but she did it and I am just so proud. Ok I am kidding. Like there was any doubt she would graduate, but I am very proud of her and how much she has learned during her preschool days.
Emma's preschool had the cutest graduation ceremony today. It kinda reminded me of when the primary kids are in charge of sacrament meeting. Each student had a little line they "memorized," Emma said "April showers bring may flowers," and then there were cute little songs about the things they had learned throughout the year. When they were done with their presentation they played the graduation song and called each one up to get their diploma.
Emma had just switched into this preschool in January and I am so glad she did. Miss Stacey was so amazing. Emma learned and grew so much over last few months and even started reading. It was like night and day from her last preschool.
Anyway, Congrats Emma...on to bigger and better things. We love you!!

I tried very hard to get a picture of all three kids looking at the camera. Emma was in a distracted mood and a little tierd, Logan was most interested in what Emma was doing and Alan decided to be a little ham. They may never all be looking at the camera, but it is kinda a funny little picture journey.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Really Great Day

Friday morning was Scott's Law School Graduation. It felt so surreal to be done with law school and I couldn't be more proud of Scott. Was is really 3 years ago that he graduated from BYU? And yet I can remember that Graduation. At that first graduation ceremony, Alan was a little baby and Emma was an excited 2 year old wearing a monkey backpack. This time, Mom, Dad, and Jake were there to help keep the kids entertained during the 2 hour ceremony. We have come so far in these 3 short years.

After graduation, we went up to Farmington and checked in on our house. We were so excited to see that the foundation was done and they were just taking off the forms. Maybe we really will have a house in August.

Then we left the kids with Mom and Dad and went to see Star Trek. It was so good and as an extra bonus our friends the Boyles were there. We had not seen them in about a year so it was a nice little reunion.

After the movie, we had a fun little BBQ with Scott's family and then, completely worn out from a long good day, we headed home.

Jake and the boys eating at graduation

Friday, May 8, 2009

We have a hole

On Wednesday we all went up to Farmington to meet with the project leader and the foreman working on our house to go over plans and make sure we were all on the same page. When we got there we were pleased to see that we already had a hole in the ground.
Yay for big holes in the ground.

Scott checking out the hole

I was also able to get Alan signed up for preschool and Eagle Bay Elementary (where Emma will start kindergarten). He got the very last spot there was, but I was just glad he is all signed up. I had called about 3 weeks ago but they had closed registration until May 4th so he got put on a wait list. Can you believe the on May 6 there was only one opening left out of all 4 classes at Eagle Bay and school won't even be starting until August. I guess moms really have to be on top of things.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am so proud of her.

Emma is doing so well in school these days. They have started reading and working on sight words. I was most amazed today when I took this paper out of her back pack.
The silly flash makes it hard to read, but I was so impressed with how well she had written these words. I am so grateful to Miss Stacey for being awesome. I can't believe my pretty little girl is getting so big.

So sick of being sick

We have been sick around here for over a week. Logan had it the worst. All of the runny nose, cough, and I am guessing sore throat, and head aches pushed pressure into his ears. Sunday he developed a fever and I took him to the doctor in Monday. There we learned he had bad ear infections in both ears. The poor kids has actually been very sweet and happy through it all. Everyone seems better now. Only I am still feeling totally worn out with a head ache and cough. But on the up side I am getting a little better every day.

When it came time for FHE on Monday I told the kids to come to the living room. They all ran in on the sofa so excited. Alan is hugging Logan.

The boys singing Pop Corn Popping

Today I was finally feeling up to playing out side with the kids.

They were so glad to get out to run

Just because he is so cute