Thursday, November 27, 2008

So much to be thankful for

I love thanksgiving. I love having a day that I can truly reflect and remember how much I have. I am truly blessed. Most of all I am grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints. Being a member of the church has given me so many choice blessings. The greatest of these being my Eternal marriage to Scott. I am so thankful for Scott. He is my best friend, true love, and partner in all things. I am thankful that he is such a wonderful, kind, and loving father. I am grateful that we have been blessed with 3 very wonderful Children. I am thankful that I have been blessed to have a sweet little Emma girl in my life. I am thankful for Alan and the happy, funny kid that he is. And I am thankful for my cute smiley little Logan. I have truly been blessed with wonderful family and friends. I am thankful the I life on the Earth in the time and place that I do. It live in America is truly something to be thankful for. I am thankful for all those who have sacrificed to keep America free. I am thankful for how easy my life is. Isn't is wonderful to have things like electricity, indoor pluming, cars, beds, washing machines, and the list goes on.
I don't think I could ever express how truly thankful I am for my life.

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Beth said...

Isn't Thanksgiving wonderful?! I need to learn to truly contemplate my blessings more than just once a year. Thanks for sharing. We're thankful that you all are here with us this weekend!
Love always,
Mom Hilton