Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Bye Zoo Pass

Last year we got the kids a zoo pass and it expired today, so since Scott had to go up to the law school and the zoo is only 5 min from the law school the kids and I dropped Scott off for a few hours and went to the Zoo one last time before our membership expired. We actually made very good use of it this last year. I can even remember how many time we went to the zoo, but I really enjoyed having it. We used it 3 time in April alone.
Anyway since it was our last time for a while I let the kids ride the train. They were so excited, I guess they just can't get enough when it comes to trains. We actually spent most of our time at the children's discovery part of the zoo, going in the burrow, marsh, desert cannons and the play ground. As you can tell from the pictures it was a little bit cold and rainy. I alway love going to the zoo on cooler kinda rainy days. There are fewer crowds, the animals seem to be a lot more active and I guess it just takes me back to my childhood going to the Alaska Zoo.
Emma loved being a turtle, while playing at the playground. Even after we left the play ground area Emma kept saying "The turtle want to go home." Finally I realized she was telling me that she was the turtle and she wanted to go back to the play ground. Silly girl. So we went back over to the playground and Emma pretended to be a turtle and Alan feed her wood chips. It was pretty funny. Sadly we never did make it over to see Alan's tiger. Alan insists that when he is 4 he will be big enough to have a pet and he will have a tiger, who will live in the back yard so he won't eat Emma's pet. I can tell he has really thought this out.

Emma's Favorite Things at the Zoo:
- Riding the Train
- The Sucker Fish
- Being a Turtle

Alan's Favorite Things at the Zoo:
-Riding the Train
-His Tiger
-"BYU" cougar
- Saying hi to his buddy the Anaconda (as Emma says "OH he is big")

Logan's Favorite Things at the Zoo:
-When his Mommy holds him
-Riding the train on Mommy's lap
-His Mommy

Come and Ride the Train

UTA (Utah Transit Authority) just completed the Frontrunner commuter train that runs from downtown Salt Lake all the way up to Ogden. It started Sat. April 26 and was free the 28th, 29th, 30th. For months the kids have seen the test runs and begging us to take them on the train. So on Tuesday Scott took a well desired break from finals papers and we had a belated FHE.
We picked Emma up from her dance class and arrived at the train station at what we thought was just in time for the 3:30 train. But 3:30 came and went, then 4:00 (when the next train was scheduled to arrive) came and went. The kids were getting a little whiney and and Scott and I were starting to worry that this was going to be a nightmare. So finally after over 40 mins of waiting the train came and even with the crowds of people we managed to get seats on the upper deck of the train. It was neat experiencing the train and by the time we got off in Salt Lake the kids had perked back up. At the train station in Salt Lake there were light rail trains waiting and two stops later we were at the Gateway. Emma and Alan thought that whole thing was such an adventure. The children's museum had all these giant Sesame Street characters in the windows and they also loved to see the fountains, flowers, and build a bear store windows. I love that they were totally content to just see build a bear (I wonder how much longer we will get away with that.) We also discovered it was FREE ice cream day at Ben and Jerry's. YUM! After enjoying our ice cream and getting a little dinner, we headed home. We once again managed to get seats up stairs (people are so nice to you when you are carrying a cute little baby and have two other little ones with you. ) The kids were so good and sweet and totally worn out by the time we got home.

Riding the train: $0
Walking down Sesame Street: $0
Ice cream cones for all: $0
Quality time as a family: Priceless

Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to Me Blogging

I have decided to join the rest of the world and start blogging, mostly because we have reached our limit on our flickr site: Here I hope to record all the happy, funny, exciting, and and memorable moments as my sweet family grows up.
Scott and I have been married for 5 years now and have 3 beautiful children. Emma just turned 4 and is so loving and nurturing. She loves being a big sister and and is always pretending to be the mommy to everything (even the bugs in the back yard) She even had a "Mommy" birthday party with 4 of her little friends this year. Our fun little Alan Boy just turned 2 in March. He amazes us daily with all he can do. He is like a sponge soaking in everything. He is so active and smart. He definitely keeps us all on our toes. Emma and Alan both are totally in love with our sweet Baby Logi, as Alan has dubbed him. Logan is six months old now and just the sweetest, smileyest mamma's boy you will ever meet. And I just Love it.
With three little ones and Scott finishing up his second year of law school we all stay pretty busy, but still manage to have a little fun and the silly little kiddos keep us laughing (either because they truly are funny or if I didn't laugh I would cry.)
Well other than being ridiculously in love with my wonderful hubby that is it for me. So if anyone ever actually reads this I hope you enjoy the story of our lives.

P.S. The baby in white in the picture of our family is my new little nephew Tanner. It would be a little hard for him to be ours, since Logan and Tanner are only 4 months apart.