Friday, May 14, 2010

Emma's Kindergarden Program

Today was Emma's Kindergarten program at school. They sang some of the songs they learned this year and some kids had a little speaking part. Emma was lucky enough to have have a part. She said "No, that's silly." She did a very good job. We took mostly video, but here are a few pictures of the fun.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Way to go Emma! Wish we could have been there!

Amanda said...

Such a darling girl! Wow she looks so much like her Daddy! I miss those fun kindergarden programs...good thing we've got one headed that way in a few months! Way to go Emma!!!

Beth said...

It was a fun morning; Emma did such a great job and I loved being there!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Ree-ch said...

Did I ever tell you you look amazing for four kids. They are growing up so fast huh?