Friday, June 18, 2010

We Now Have Grass

The day we got our sod was crazy. I woke up sick, it had rained all night, and the wind was intense. Lucky for us not too long after we got started laying the sod, a lot of people came to help us get the job down.


after (can you tell it was a little bit stormy?)

Other than the fear that at any moment a large object would come hurling down the street at me we also got to enjoy the challenge of trying to lay sod on mud that was more like soup that ground. It was so awesome.

Now we just need to finish the back, build up the flower beds, get trees, bushes, and flower and get all the weeds out from the over side of the drive way.


Becky Lewis said...

hey, it looks awesome! We couldn't wait on the 2nd book, we bought it in CT and both finished it. Starr is reading them now. Can't wait for Aug....dang it! I don't want the summer to pass to quickly but then again.....

Beth said...

It looks beautiful - congratulations! You guys have really worked hard.
Love always,
Mom Hiltoln

Amanda said...

Way to go! The day you get grass is such a fabulous occasion! When we built I just wanted to sit and stare at it for hours the first day we had our grass haha! We are SO excited for you all!