Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Those last few days before Christmas really started to pick up steam. On the Sunday before Christmas we had a family coloring contest. After dinner the kids helped judge the entries. Can you believe that they couldn't agree on the winner? Scott still thinks that his should have won, and I agree that his was the best. As it turns out, Emma and Alan tied. The winners split a family four-pack of tickets to ride the Hilton Express Holiday Lights Tour. (luckily for us children under two are free) After the winner was announced, we made the hot cocoa and got the kids in their jammies and headed out to hop on the Hilton Express bullet train (our van). We passed out the cocoa sippies and we were off. Every time we passed a really well lit yard we would all say "Ooooo, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhh." Logan really got into it. Over the next few days we would often hear an Ohhhhh coming from him as we past some lights. Our tour even managed to find Santa's house. Emma really wanted to go knock on the door, but we explained that Santa was sleeping and needed his rest for Christmas eve.
Monday night we made spritz cookies for Santa. I found a really great recipe online and they worked really well. The kids were totally able to press them out on to the cookie sheet. Then we got to enjoy a few of them for treat.
Tuesday night we went to a super-fun Christmas Eve Eve party at the Mickelson's. It was great to see everyone, and Scott and I kicked everyone's trash at the game.
I was so sad Wednesday morning to wake up with a sore throat, head ache, and nausea. And to make matters worse Logan had thrown-up all over his room and then threw up again all over me. I was so sad that Christmas would be ruined. We had to miss the Hilton Christmas Eve party and my poor kids had chicken noodle soup for dinnner, made by Scott, or else they wouldn't have had anything. After dinner I had to go get some ibuprophren. The only place open was Smiths and the lines were all the way back though the other side of the store. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. Once I was on ibuprophren, Tylenol, and nausea medicine I finally felt well enough to help get really for Christmas Morning.
Although I was worried Christmas would be miserable, it actually turned out to be very nice. The kids were so cute, nice, and excited as they checked out their stockings and opened their presents. Logan was espcially cute. He LOVED the dinosaurs, he kept making the big ones eat the little ones. After a super yummy breakfast, we played Candyland. Later we headed up to Mom and Dad's for dinner and we got spoiled with more presents. It was definitly a white Christmas and the weather was so crazy that we ended up spending the night at Mom and Dads.


Bek said...

Glad you guys had a fun Christmas, despite the stomach flu! Just curious, what are spritz cookies, and how do kids push them out?

Oh, and those are some fabulous briefs!

Laura said...

For those of you who are wondering, Spritz cookies are super yummy buttery cookies. To make them you have to have a spritz cookie press/gun. You load the dough into the tube and the squeeze the trigger to press them out onto the cookie sheet. This year I made some almond flavored with maraschino cherry centers and then some peppermint flavored.

Chris & Kathleen said...

So glad your Christmas turned out. That stinks about being sick...
I can't believe how big Logan is getting, crazy! And wow, now I want to make some spritz cookies, yum.

Bek said...

Those sound fun! They sound like they're probably easier for kids to help with. Is that why you make them, or are they yummier than say sugar cookies? Do you buy the tube/gun at a special kitchen place, or can you buy them just at Walmart type stores?

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Sounds like you guys had a good Christmas aside from the sick stuff! We had a bit of that here as well. I LOVE the family coloring contest and Christmas Light Express. Super cute idea! We miss you guys!

Beth said...

What a fun post! I also love the coloring contest idea and seeing the Christmas lights; we never did that this year and I missed it! I'm glad you were able to have a fun Christmas despite the illness and that you were able to come up.
Love always,
Mom Hilton