Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It finally snowed

enough to go out and play. I am not sure what the deal has been with the weather this winter. It snowed once in October and ever since then it has been unseasonably warm. So this morning when we woke up to a snow storm the kids were so excited. I told them that we could go out and play once the snow let up a little, so we spent the morning making a Christmasy paper chain that we hung in the living room. Then just after I put them all in their beds for a nap, I came downstairs to see the sun shining brightly. I was worried that it would get too warm and the snow would be gone by the time they woke up from their naps, so I went back upstairs to ask if they would rather go out and play in the snow and then take a nap. Can you believe that they would all rather go play in the snow?
Man, playing in the snow is hard work. By the time I got them all bundled up, I was practically sweating. After getting Logan's snow pants, gloves, coat, and boots on he kinda tipped over on the love seat and whimpered a little "umm mom I am stuck." It was really cute. Once I got him down on to the floor he was able to move a little.
The kids were so funny. They insisted on wearing pants, coats, boots, gloves, and hats, even though I told them it was not that cold out.

They really loved playing in the snow

I just love snow babies

Alan was so cute he kept running around making snow angels and adding little pieces of snowman saying this is his nose.

Logan loved helping to smooth the snowman

Emma spent most of the time being a puppy, but she did give Baby Snowman his carrot nose.

Alan's awesome hat hair! It reminds me of when he was a little baby and he had super blonde fuzzy hair that stuck straight up.See what I mean? This is Alan 6 months old.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Ha! Cute! I love Alan's hair! I remember that little guy. We're getting snow here too. I really want to play in it with Tanner. Hopefully it lasts long enough for us to get out there! Love you guys!

Beth said...

What a fun day and a fun mom! I remember those days when I'd be exhausted by the time I got everyone in their "snow clothes". I love the photos!
Love always,

The Byrd House said...

I'm jealous! We got ice and it melted. We get snow one day a year and it's usually not until February.
The Christmas Story... remember that movie? Your post reminded me of Ralphie's brother in his getup w/ his snowsuit. Too cute! :)