Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zigzag Zaboomfoos Zigzag

My poor Emma girl is sick today. So Emma, Logan, and I stayed home from church. I always feel so bad for my kids when they are sick, but at least they are very sweet. I was rubbing Emma's back and holding her throw-up bowl while she was putting it to use. And then as soon as she was done she said to me, "Thank you for taking care of me while I am sick Mom." I have such a sweet girl.
So while Daddy and Alan are at church Emma and I have been sitting around watching Disney movies and kids shows on TV. Anyway, we were watching Zaboomafoo, when suddenly Emma yelled out "Zigzag Zaboomafoos Zigzag!" They were doing something with crocodiles and there was one about to get them. A little over a week ago, we went to the Bean Museum for a live animal show, and they taught the kids that if you are being chased by a crocodile, you should zigzag. I was surprised that she remembered that. Kids are such sponges, it really hits home how important it is to make sure they a seeing and learning the right things.

When my men got home Alan was excited to show all of us the necklaces he had made for us in nursery. He gave one to Daddy, one to Mommy, one to Emma and he had one more for himself. Then Logan made it known that he wanted one, so Alan said "Oh, actually I made this one for my brother." And he went to give his "Heavenly Father and Jesus love Me" necklace to Logi, but Daddy convinced Alan then he could share his with Logan instead. What nice kids!


Beth said...

What sweet, good kids and what a good mom and dad! I'm sorry Emma is still sick; give her loves from Grandma and Grandpa. It was fun having you here this weekend. Have a great, healthy week!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Mark said...

Hey, I was home from church with sick kids too. I;m sorry Emma was throwing up. That is miserable! They are sure sweet. Aren't we lucky to have such sweet kids. I just sat around today and smiled and laughed because everything they do is just so cute. And there were a few tantrums in know. ;) Thanks for coming last night. It is always so nice to have you there. I'm glad you know the dances so well. I saw a few people behind you watching you. You could totally teach Zumba if you wanted to. P.S. I love your cake! You have some serious talent. I got on your blog tonight to find out more info about your future house. I will google search Woodland to see if I can find the builders. Love ya!