Friday, May 8, 2009

We have a hole

On Wednesday we all went up to Farmington to meet with the project leader and the foreman working on our house to go over plans and make sure we were all on the same page. When we got there we were pleased to see that we already had a hole in the ground.
Yay for big holes in the ground.

Scott checking out the hole

I was also able to get Alan signed up for preschool and Eagle Bay Elementary (where Emma will start kindergarten). He got the very last spot there was, but I was just glad he is all signed up. I had called about 3 weeks ago but they had closed registration until May 4th so he got put on a wait list. Can you believe the on May 6 there was only one opening left out of all 4 classes at Eagle Bay and school won't even be starting until August. I guess moms really have to be on top of things.


Beth said...

Hurray for big holes in the ground! It'll be fun to watch your house progress. I'm also excited that both Emma and Alan are registered for school.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Bek said...

Hey! I've been horrible at blogging or keeping up with other people's blogs or anything else since we moved here a month and a half ago. It's been chaotic to say the least. We'll have to get together sometime when you're up this way for house stuff. Are you putting Emma in the Spanish emmersion program at Eagle Bay? I think we're going to put Lily in the French emmersion program at Sam Morgan, although I wish they offered Spanish. Jacks will be in preschool at Knowlton. I seriously can't believe how big your little Logan is! I wasn't even sure if that was him when I saw the picts on one of your last posts. Sorry to hear your kids are sick. Ours have been sick twice since we moved here; they're just getting over the second bout. It stinks, huh?! Give me a call sometime when you're up this way.