Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So sick of being sick

We have been sick around here for over a week. Logan had it the worst. All of the runny nose, cough, and I am guessing sore throat, and head aches pushed pressure into his ears. Sunday he developed a fever and I took him to the doctor in Monday. There we learned he had bad ear infections in both ears. The poor kids has actually been very sweet and happy through it all. Everyone seems better now. Only I am still feeling totally worn out with a head ache and cough. But on the up side I am getting a little better every day.

When it came time for FHE on Monday I told the kids to come to the living room. They all ran in on the sofa so excited. Alan is hugging Logan.

The boys singing Pop Corn Popping

Today I was finally feeling up to playing out side with the kids.

They were so glad to get out to run

Just because he is so cute

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Beth said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad you guys are finally starting to feel better.
Love always,
Mom Hilton