Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping, the Doctor, and a Carnival

Today was a LONG day for me.... but a fun day. After running a few errands, it was decided that we needed to make yet another trip to Cabelas to get a father's day gift for daddy, but of course while we were there we had to look at EVERYTHING.
Then this afternoon I had a baby doctor appointment and Emma, Alan, and Logan joined me for that. They were so good at the doctor it was almost unbelievable. I actually felt bad for any first time moms there who saw them because now they think that that is how kids are and really the level of obedient angel that the kids were was very unrealistic. Anyway, everything is good with baby and for those of you who hadn't heard yet, I am pregnant and I am about 12 weeks (or will be tomorrow). Although they have been a little unsure on the due date and hope to officially clear that up next month.
Then tonight when Scott got home from work we took the kids to the Strawberry Days Carnival. We, and by we I mean Emma, Alan, and Logan, rode rides and of course we all had strawberries and cream. Logan LOVED the rides and got a little mad when we wouldn't let him go on the big kid rides like the sizzler and wild something or other. Alan for some reason decided he did not want to ride the merry go round, but warmed up after that. Emma was of course up for anything.This monster truck jeep ride turned out to be the favorite and we didn't let Logan go on it. He was very mad at me about it, but we only had enough tickets left for two people to ride and the jeeps actually whipped around pretty fast. Logan stood at the gate with his little face pressed between the bars, and yelled at me in baby language for the whole ride. Sometimes it is hard to be the baby. He just wants to do everything they get to do.


Beth said...

What fun! It looks like we out to check strawberry days out someday. I'm so glad everything looks good with the baby.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Becky Lewis said...

Looks like fun. When the girls were little and we took them to the parks like this, it was Starr who always was stretching to be taller so she could ride and Autumn who you had to drag onto it. Funny memories.

Ariane said...

Didn't know you were pregnant, MANY congratulations!!!!!