Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alaska trip the 3rd and final chapter

Thursday we spent most the morning still trying to recover from all the wedding stuff and the fun day we had had the day before. We met up with Carl's family at Outback in Anchorage. It was just over an hour drive from my mom's house in Palmer to most places in Anchorage and pretty much seemed to take 30 mins or more to get anywhere from my mom's house, so it seemed like the boys were always falling asleep in the van and then waking up grumpy when we got to where we were going. Going to Outback was no different, the boys fell asleep on the way there and it took a good 15 mins before they were happy enough to sit in the restaurant. After a quick bite Scott and I left the kids with my mom and Matthew and made it just in time for the 6pm session. While we were in the temple Mom, Matthew, Aimee, and Carl took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. Chuck's place happens to be one of Carl's favorite places too so they got a lot of tokens and got a lot of tickets so the kids came home with quite a few prizes.
We got home around 10pm and Scott and Matthew headed out to do a little mid-night fishing. They were out until about 2 am, came home and got a few hours sleep, and then went back out at like 5am. My mom's house is just a few mins from one of the best fishing spots. The day before Matthew caught his limit in about and hour, but when Scott went the fish just weren't biting and no one got anything. Scott went out one more time before we headed out to see my friend Ariane and her sweet baby Adelle. It was great to see them. Then we went home had dinner finished packing and headed off to the airport. We had a red eye flight home. Poor Logan was so tired, but had a hard time getting comfortable so he ended up crying a lot on the way home. He would fall asleep and the suddenly wake up screaming. None of us slept well, so I could totally understand how he felt. We had given all the kids ear numbing drops just before getting on the plane so at least I knew it wasn't his ears.
We were so wiped out when we got home I think we are still suffering 5 days later.

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