Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alaska Trip Part 2

After the wedding we packed as much fun as we could into the few days we had left. Wednesday morning we headed into Anchorage to have brunch at IHOP with my Grandma and Grandpa, plus my Dad, Mom, Matthew, Aimee, and Carl. Then we headed off to Alaska Wild Berry products. They had recently added quite a bit so it is no longer just a chocolate factory with what is possibly the WORLDS LARGEST CHOCOLATE WATERFALL, but they now have a fun little trail leading over to some very nice and domesticated reindeer. Alan was happy to just look at them form a distance, but Logan and Emma LOVED feeding them. The funny thing was that every time Logan turned his back to the reindeer Logan would make this face. After the reindeer we headed into the factory to check out the chocolate falls and of course get some yummy chocolate. The kids eyes were so wide trying to take in all the candy. We also let each kids pick a little something out. Emma got a snow globe for her collection, Alan picked out a bag of pretty rocks, and Logan got a doggy key chain that poops. Aren't kids funny.

After the chocolate factory the rain had stopped so we decided to meet up with Aimee and Carl and risk taking the kids to the zoo. We lucked out and the rain held off until after we left. We got to see a lot of animals really well and Logan especially was so adorably excited about seeing all the animals.After the zoo we were all totally exhausted, but we were not done yet, after stopping by my dad's to pick up tons of salmon the bring home, we met up with my sister Kate and had dinner at Garcia's (the best Mexican and it is in my home town of Eagle River). We had few minutes to kill before dinner so we took the kids to a park across the street. All I have to say is man I miss Garcia's. It was great seeing Kate and after dinner we stopped in to see her new place. My sister has a pug dog, bull dog, snake, dragon thing, gecko and probably more animals that I am forgetting, Emma and Logan were in heaven. I guess stay tuned for part 3 of the Alaska adventure.
Emma loves her aunts and just had to sit by Kate at dinner.


Becky Lewis said...

So glad you were all able to go and have this time together.

Beth said...

Fun pictures - you really did make the most of your time there, filling it with fun and family!
Love always,
Mom Hilotn