Saturday, April 24, 2010

Emma's Birthday Party

Over spring break we had Emma's birthday party. A few girls ended up going out of town so I ended up 6 little girls to entertain and lucky for me Scott's mom was there to hold Bryce (who I had planned on sleeping through the party, but he woke up half way through).
We decided to have a fairy party which meant we could use my little sister's left over wedding decoration. It looked pretty magical, if I do say so myself.
We started the party with a coloring contest. As each girl arrived she got to pick a fairy picture to color and then when she was done we hung it up and she then came over to get a "fairy kiss" (flower) painted on her face.

Next we played pin the crown on the fairy. The winner got first pick of the fairy crowns I had made out of star garland and ribbon. Once the fairies all had their crowns on I divided them into two teams. Each team had to find the 5 envelopes marked with their team color that I had hidden around the room. Each envelope a piece to help them complete that teams fairy picture (wings, wand, crown, fairy dust bag). The first team to correctly complete their picture got first pick of the wands.
Next the girls went hunting for fairy treasure (gold buttons) that I had hidden around the party area and then they used the treasure to make magical bracelets using pipe cleaners and pony beads.

Now that the girls were fully outfitted in fairy garb we played fairy freeze dance. I think this was their favorite part. I just played some music and then the girls had to freeze we the music stopped. You could play this where if someone moves they are out, but we just played for fun. The girls were so cute twirling around.
Next was time for presents and cake. Emma's friends were very sweet and got her a lot of nice presents. When it was time to cut the cake the girls were very excited eats the flowers and mushrooms and surprised to see the rainbow inside.
After cake and ice cream we tested their flower fairy skills. The girls had to stand on a chair and then drop flowers one at a time into a pail. If they got 4 out of 6 they passed the test and got a treat bag. We let everyone try until they passed before handing out the treats. Then by popular request we played freeze dance for a few more minutes until their moms came to get them.

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Ree-ch said...

You are so talented with those cakes, I wish I could take a class from you. We need to think of something you can teach me online, so I can be half as creative. How you guys doing? What's the house like? We might get a house this month, waiting on the appraisal first.
Any ideas for a baby shower, for decorations. I have one I am doing this Sat, and I am making a diaper cake.