Friday, April 2, 2010

I made these

cute little onesies.

For these cute people. While for their soon-ish to arrive twins.

On Sunday Scott's Grandma hosted a baby shower for Guy and Kristin. It was so fun to get to see them again before their lives become completely crazy with their two little bundles of joy. While the adults had fun visiting and cooing over cute baby clothes the kids had fun playing in the backyard.
The boys made up a fun game where they attached a bungee cord to their belt loops a pulled.
Alan won.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

So Tanner totally has the exact same outfit for Easter as Logan and Alan. AND he has the polo that Adam's wearing! Ha! Cute Onesies and cute pics of Guy and Kristin. She looks GOOD for carrying 2 little guys!

Beth said...

It was a fun day for all and a wonderful reason to get together! Cute onesies!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Sue said...

oh, MAN, i can't wait to live in utah! so fun! never cease to amaze me! i can't wait to have crafty days with you. maybe i'll host a monthly 'leavitt ladies crafty night'...we can learn something new every month!