Friday, September 17, 2010

Alan's First Day of Preschool

Alan boy started a new preschool last week. It is at a neighbors home and he was ridiculous excited. I was so proud of him. When I dropped him off he just went right in. Last year it took weeks of me taking him in and walking him through the whole backpack off, wash hands, write name routine before I could leave him. And even then he had to have a special rock in his pocket. He really is growing up. He is getting better at recognizing and read words and adding smaller numbers. I think he will be all ready for kindergarten next year.

I love this airborne running shot after his first day. He had a lot of fun and was excited to tell me all about it.


Beth said...

Boy, our Alan-boy really is growing up; so glad he's liking preschool.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Andrea said...

Haha HA!! I love his face in the first picture. Too cute! :) Miss you guys! You guys make the cutest kiddos.