Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A few funny things Alan has said lately

When we go to the playground at Kaysville Elementary Emma likes to swing around what she calls a "merry-go-round" (which it really just a poll sticking out of the ground). Well, Alan always runs up to the one next to her and starts singing about his "merry-boy-round." It is pretty cute and funny.

So the other day it was time for Alan's nap. He happily pranced up to his bed and snuggled up to his pillow. Then, in a very Wonder Pets kinda way, I sang "Its time for bed now." To which he answered me back singing "because I'm tired, and I'm thirsty, and I'm sleepy." This is serious.

The other funny thing Alan has started saying is "OK." You can tell him something like "Lets get you shoes on." And he will respond with something like "OK, so puppies won't be able to eat my toes?" He likes to pucker out his lips while saying it too.

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