Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leavitt Reunion in Yellowstone - Part 2, Tuesday - Wednesday

The reunion officially started on Tuesday night with a huge gathering at our cabin. Dinner was great and the kids all really enjoyed the rain storm that rolled in and than out again.
Wednesday morning most of us got up early and went rafting down a nice little river running through Island Park. Logan stayed at the cabin with Grandma and his cousin Tanner, but Emma and Alan got to come with us. It was by no means a wild trip down the river, but it was a lot of fun. There were a few spots were all the adults had to get out and pull the raft, but Emma and Alan enjoyed being able to sit up on the edge with their toes dangling in the water.
After the rafting Scott and a phone meeting with work and he had to do so work, so the kids and I bummed a ride into West Yellowstone for some "shopping" with Andrea, Dean, Tanner, and Jake. All we bought was a little ice cream at Dairy Queen, but it was still a lot of fun. Alan Liked all the animals and Emma really wanted this blue hat.
That night the whole big clan got together at "the big cabin" for some fun, food and of course the annual everybody's birthday party. It was another very late night for the kids but they didn't seem to mind too much.


Hannah said...

That blue hat is super-cute, Emma. Nice choice!

Bek said...

What a fun trip!

Gary and Mauri said...

Your blog is so cute! It will be nice to keep in touch this way. Hope the move went well and the settling in and unpacking is going even better! :)