Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Emma's First Field Trip

On Monday Emma's preschool had a field trip to the Pleasant Grove Fire Station. I stayed to watch, which means that Alan and Logan got to stay too. Emma and Alan loved climbing in the "fireman's ambulance," seeing the fire trucks, and of course getting candy from the firemen. They taught the kids about fire safety and not to be afraid of firemen when they are in their gear. The theme at school the past few weeks has been safety, so the kids practiced safety as they walked back to the school. The fire station is about 5 blocks from the school and I must admit that it was hard for me to just let her walk ways with her class, but you have to let 'em go someday right? Emma is getting so big. It is so fun to see her enjoying school and making friends.
Emma standing next to a fireman. She looks so little. You can see Alan in the green jacket just in front of the fireman.

Emma the Junior Fire Fighter

Emma's class with the 3 year old class and a few siblings

Emma's class lining up to walk home. Alan really really really wanted to walk with Emma's class.

Emma doing "homework"

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Beth said...

So darling! I remember those field trips from "yesteryear". Thanks for sharing.
Love always,
Mom Hilton