Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thursday Scott took the kids up to his parents and then we headed off for a retreat with the law firm Scott will be working for when he graduates. Our adventure started off with a BANG... well more of a crash. We decided to stop off at Macey's in Pleasant Grove to get some treats for the trip. As we were leaving a semi-truck passed in front of us in the parking lot. We pulled up behind it to the intersection and then an SUV pulled up behind us. We were waiting for the truck to pull out into the street when suddenly I realized that THE SEMI WAS BACKING UP! I started to freak out telling Scott to back up, but we had to wait for the SUV behind us to realize that it had to back up also. We got out of the way, but not fast enough, and the semi crashed into our front bumper. Can you believe that the semi didn't even realize it hit us and that the huge trailer it was pulling didn't even have reverse lights? We made out with only damage to the front bumper and front driver's side fender. The semi in the picture is the one that hit us. We still have not heard from his insurance, so I guess the story goes on.
That night we met up with the rest of the law firm down in Cedar City for the Shakespearean Festival at SUU. We saw Julius Caesar. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited about Julius Caesar, but it was AWESOME. So well done and so powerful. I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. After the play we all retired to a beautiful cabin up in Brian Head. On our drive to the cabin it was dark, but we still managed to see a ton of deer. That night once we all got to the cabin and settled, we played Ticket to Ride and they broke out the Wii. It was my first time playing Mario Cart on a Wii. It was a lot of fun.
The next morning we had a fabulous breakfast followed by meetings, golf, and more meetings for the men. It was Scott's first time golfing, and from when I hear he did really well. I guess we will have to invest in some golf clubs next year.
The wives had a lot of fun. We sat around talking, made super cute cards (while still talking), got pedicures (and talked some more), went to the National Geographic In Focus portrait exhibit where we ended sitting and talking for a while. It was so fun and nice to hang out with a great group of women. The only sad thing about the day was that from breakfast to dinner Scott and I were apart. That night there was more great conversation and games.
When we got up on Saturday morning we discovered that it had snowed. We headed home pretty quick after breakfast so we could leave before the snow got to deep. Luckily I took this picture of Cedar Breaks (just 3 miles from the cabin) while hanging out with the women so Scott could see it, since we didn't go check it out like we had planned because of the snow.
I had a lot of fun, but by the time we were leaving, I was really ready to see my babies again. This was the longest that I have been away from any of them. They did great with Grandma and Grandpa, but it's sure nice to have them back!


Beth said...

We're glad you had such a fun get away - it was well-earned! We had a ball with your cute kids, but I know it was great for you all to be together again.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Becky Lewis said...

That sounds like a blast and even being away from one another only makes you appreciate each other all the more.
Love you guys!