Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Mom!

We had such a fun Halloween this year. A few days before we made sure that all of the kids costumes were fitting them properly.

I had to add quite a bit to Alan's to make it big enough for him and then I had to take in Logan's a little to fit him better.

The day before Halloween we went to the party at the law school. We met up with Scott at school. There was a costume contest, pizza, games, and trick-or-treating. Everyone yelled like crazy for Emma when she got up on the stage, but the kid who won was a little one year old wearing a dress shirt and diaper who shook his bum to a song. It was very "Risky Business" and he won.
On Halloween Emma wore her costume to school. She was very excited to be "Shortcake" at school.
After I picked Emma up from school I got the boys ready and we went to "treats in the park." It was a little Halloween party at the park in the middle of Pleasant Grove. There were trick or treating booths, people in costume, and of course the kids loved playing at the park.Alan roaring like a dinosaur

The kids got to have their picture taken with a pirate, Alan wasn't sure he really wanted to get very close, but he got close enough for me to get this picture.

While we were trick or treating I noticed Logan had gotten a hold of a Crunch bar. I took it away from him and instantly Logan stated to cry. I traded it for a dumdum and he once again became happy. Later I realize that it was a good thing I took the Crunch bar away because Crunch bar (and all the other chocolate bars I checked, except 3 Musketeers, have soy in them). Poor kid I hope he grows out of this soy allergy.

We got home from the park just in time to have a little dinner and then get ready to go out for more trick or treating with Scott. Grandma and Grandpa Hilton stopped by to see the little trick or treaters just before we headed out at about 6:30. The kids were so cute and excited. Alan loved running up to the doors, ringing the doorbell, and then he would quickly prance back to the edge of the porch and wait. They were all just so CUTE! It was a warm night and even with a little bit of rain, now and again, it was a very fun evening.

Monday, October 27, 2008

One crazy week

cThis past week was CRAZY, but somehow we made it through. Although it was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun. This past week I made a Halloween outfit for Emma, made Emma's Halloween costume, took the kids on Emma's class trip to Pumpkinland, cleaned up throw-up 4 times, made a wedding cake, took pictures at Chantel and Reed's wedding, Emma had a Primary Program practice during the wedding, and had a birthday party to go to during the reception. Saturday night Scott and I went to HeeHaw Farms with Scott's friend Saul and his wife Ashley, Sunday morning was Devin's mission report, Emma had her Primary Program and right after sacrament meeting we headed over to the LeBarons to see Devin. Then when we got home and after making dinner and getting the kids to bed I made 4 dozen pumpkin cookies for Scott's school project. Luckily I really enjoy crafty and cooking projects. I still have to get the boy's costumes ready and make my Mommy's birthday present this week, but there is always more to do... Here is a review of our week in pictures.This is the skirt that I made Emma. I was looking forward to getting some cute pictures of the kids, but my camera battery died before we got over to the pumpkins. SAD.

Baby Logi was cute and fun as always.

Alan had actually thrown-up 3 times that day. He was acting so normal at Pumpkinland, that I had forgotten how sick he was and I let him eat this cookie. I regretted that once we got home and his cookie came back up.

Chantel and Reed's wedding was so wonderful. They were so cute and sweet together. It was a lot of fun taking their pictures.

I mostly just took their group pictures, but we also took a few couple pictures just for fun. These are a few of my favorites.

This is the cake that I made for Chantel's reception.

These are some of my friends from Alaska who were there. It was so fun to see so many people. It was like a freshman year church dance reunion.

This is at the reception. Emma had just gotten back from her party. Don't you just love her Shortcake costume?

This is Scott and Logan just before we left the reception.

So I don't have pictures from it, but Scott and I had so much fun at HeeHaw Farms with Saul and Ashley. Scott has been friends with Saul for years, and we just figured out that Ashley is Scott's third cousin (her Mom's a Hilton). We were totally awesome at the corn mazes. We did them so fast. It was nice to let loose, have fun, and jump into a box filled with corn kernels.

These are the cute little cookies I made for Scott's school project.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party Time

Logan was so CUTE with cake. He loved it and made a very BIG mess.

I made Logan a race car cake for his first birthday. Since Logan is allergic to soy I had to make the whole thing from scratch. It is a yummy cookies and cream cake.

Logan loved his race car cake. HE keep saying "car" and "Vroom Vroom" It was cute.

Look at that mess. Logan distroyed the entire top layer of the cake in no time.

I am glad he enjoyed his cake.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Fun

Today for Logan's birthday we took the kids to Pumpkinland. They had so much fun. Logan loved checking everything out and riding around on Daddy's shoulders. We took a walk through the pumpkin patch, checked out the goats, bunnies, and ducks, explored the little houses, played in the bounce house, and got lost in the corn maze. To top it off we let the kids pick out pumpkins. On the way home we stopped at Cafe Rio for a yummy birthday dinner. Did you know that kids under 6 eat free! Logan got very excited at the restaraunt, it was cute. As we were leaving Alan said to Scott "Cool dinner Dad, high five!" and then gave Scott a high five. It was sooo cute. The table of women next to us all giggled at him. When we got home we sang "Happy Birthday" to Logan and he enjoyed a birthday cupcake before bed.

Ok so I took over 100 pictures at pumpkinland and had a very hard time editing it down to this many. Enjoy!

Since we are doing the big cake on Sunday, I made little cupcakes as a treat on Logan's Birthday.

Logan really got into his cake

He licked the plate clean.