Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A day at the Zoo

Last Wednesday was a free day at the zoo, so we packed up the kids and off to the zoo we went. It was Logan's first time going as a big boy who could appreciate it. We had a zoo pass the year Logan was born so we went a lot when he was a little baby. All the kids had a great time, but Logan especially loved seeing the animals and making their sounds. It was so CUTE!

Checking out the bears. They are actually eating.

Logan telling the bears "RAWRRRR!"

My scary prairie dogs

They loved these "kitties." I am pretty sure Alan is beating his with his "spotting scope" and Logan is feeding his.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

FUN! And it looks like you had nice weather. I'm considering one of those monkey leashes. I always swore I'd never put my kid on a leash, but that was before I had a one year old. Ha! Live and learn right!?

Beth said...

What a fun day; you just can't beat a trip to the zoo!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

The Byrd House said...

Free day on a Wednesday... what a great idea. We had a free day today... Saturday. Holy Cow. We didn't think it would be to crowded... it was awful. We saw half the zoo and left. I can tell you there was probably a couple of tousand people there plus more coming in and it wasn't even noon. We left vowing to come back on a calmer day and just go ahead and pay lol. We saw the monkeys that was our #1 goal w/ Dillon. I left my camera in the car becuase I didn't want to deal w/ big belly, camera and pushing throgh people.