Friday, March 20, 2009

Our First House!!!!!

Today we were told that all the papers have been approved, so I am super excited to announce that we are building our first house and we will be moving to Farmington in Aug-Sep. We will go into the design center tomorrow to finalize all the design stuff.

So this is a basic rendering of what the out side will look like. I love the two story craftsman look.

This is the floor plan, not showing the unfinished basement. It is not exact. We are changing a few things like making the dining room a study, 2 extra feet on the back of the house, the laundry room upstairs, moving the door from the garage over so you walk into the mud room, putting the bay in the nook, and a few other things, but you get the idea.

These pictures were taken in the model home. This is looking into the family room from the dining nook.
This is from the family room looking into the dining nook and the kitchen.

The hall looking into the kitchen and where the study will be. I love all the arches.

This is from the stairs looking into the living room. We are not doing a fireplace in the living room, but we are putting one in the family room. And you can't totally tell, but the entry is double height or what ever you call it.

This is looking into the master bed room. our house will not have a ceiling fan. But I love the arch dividing the main room from sitting area.

This is once again the master bedroom the small arch goes into the bathroom.

This is the master bath.

And last but not least a shot of the upstairs hall way. I am so happy that we will have 5 bedrooms on one level so that we can have our 8 kids and keep them all close.


Sue said...

That is BEAUTIFUL...and SO exciting! Congratulations!

Crystal said...

I love it. When will it be one? Any chance by July? We'll be in Bountiful then.

Kelli Brewer said...

Wow, that's really pretty! I thought lawyers were allowed to work during law school though?

Diamond in the Rough said...

Congrats!! It's so nice to have your own home, you'll love it!! It's very pretty :)

Kelli Brewer said...

whoops, that was supposed to be *weren't. Maybe I am thinking of doctors in med school.