Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alan's First Day of Preschool

September 9th was Alan Boy's first day of preschool at Eagle Bay. I am very excited about this year for him and to see how much he will learn and grow. Our sweet Alan has always had a harder time being away from his Mommy and Daddy so I was a little worried about how he would do, but with a little rock in his pocket to help him be brave I dropped my excited little man off for his first day of school. He did very well. He needed me (and Logan) to come in with him and help him to hang up his backpack and get settled in. Then we left and he bravely played with playdough. He was a little mad that I was not the first Mom there when it was time to be picked up.
By way of an update on Wednesday Alan was able to go to school without a rock in his pocket.


Beth said...

Way to go, Alan-boy; we're so proud of you! You look so grown-up and your preschool looks so fun.
Love always,

Becky Lewis said...

Been waiting to hear about Scott's Bar Exam, our Bishop was in the same classes and he has his results.

Alan; what a big boy, and you remind me of a Scott boy I use to know!