Saturday, September 5, 2009

Emma's First Day of Kindergarten

Emma's first day was actually back on August 24th, but I just now dug out the card reader so I could upload the pictures onto my computer. She was so cute. It is funny how she seemed so big picking out her outfit and deciding how she wanted her hair and then that bus pulled up and suddenly she seemed so small. Emma was very excited to get to ride a bus all by herself, so I let her and then I followed the bus to school and met up with her there.
Emma has always been the fearless kind when it come to thing like school so I had no doubt she would be fine that first day. I think I was more scared than she was.
Now that she has been going for a week I am over my bus fears and Emma seems to have completely adjusted to her new role as my big kindergarten girl.I tried to get a cute pictures of Emma with her brothers on her big day, but they were just so excited that the bus was coming that I couldn't really get them to pay attention.

Emma picked this outfit out herself.

She just looks so little up there.

Ready to conquer the world


Nat said...

So cute and so exciting! I love kindergarten!

Becky Lewis said...

Emma.........what happenned to that little baby girl? She has grown up into a beautiful young lady! One day we will look at this picture as you are graduating from High School and wonder where all the time went. Have fun!

Beth said...

It's funny how your child can look all grown up and so little at the same time! She looks beautiful and confident and I'm so glad she's off to a great start.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Yay Emma! It's still hard to believe she's in kindergarten already. Hope she continues to like it and that she learns a lot and makes lots of friends! Love you guys!