Friday, September 25, 2009


We moved into our new house about a month ago. It have been pretty crazy trying to get settled in and having school starting. We love our new ward/neighborhood. There are so many awesome families we can't wait to get to know better. It seems like everyone has a kid or two our kids' ages. Scott and I got called to be CTR 5 B teachers our second week here (there are 3 CTR 5 classes). So we actually teach Emma's primary class. She isn't sure she likes having her mom and dad as her teachers, she keeps saying "it's just so weird." Luckily there have been quite a few Relief Society activities so I have still gotten to know a lot of people.
There have been a few interesting things come up this month. Scott got his Utah BAR Exam results recently. It was no surprise to me that he not only passed, but passed with flying colors. We are so proud of him and excited for him the be sworn in on October 20th. The only hurdle left will be taking the patent BAR ASAP.
Also, my laptop has joined my old cell phone in the graveyard of technology that could not survive baby Logan. I am fairly sure Logan dropped it off of the ottoman (although I didn't see it happen) and so far it has not been able to be saved. The lack of my laptop maybe the reason for my lack of blogging the past few weeks. The saddest part is that I had not backed up our pictures in many months so we lost quite a few pictures. Basically if I didn't post it on the blog or facebook it is lost and considering that Scott is a computer engineer I think that if he can't recover them off of the hard drive, there are very few people who could.
So lets see, I think the only other thing to report is an update from our past few doctor visits. I had a baby-doc appointment on Wednesday. Everything is looking great. This sweet little stinker is very active and kicks like crazy, but at least I know he is doing well. Also I was informed that once the flu season officially hits, children will not be allowed to visit in hospitals, and a ton of other restrictions. It is a little sad that the kids won't be able to visit their new brother in the hospital, but I understand why. We will all be getting all the flu shots/mists this year if we can.
Logan already got his flu mist at his 2 year old well baby check up. He won't be 2 for 3 more weeks, but with all the moving I had forgotten to make him an appointment sooner, so it was either 3 weeks early or a month or so late. I am sure this will come as no surprise to you, but Logan is perfect, the doctor said so. I mean I already knew that, but it is nice to get that validated. He is now 29 lbs and 36.5 inches tall. His height is in the 97th percentile, and his weight is in the 75th.
And just for fun here are a few random pictures that were still on the memory card and not lost. They are all from back in August before we moved.

He totally passed out after church one Sunday

We had one last "pool party" before we moved.

Logan was the life guard


Logan is so cuddly. He loves to make himself comfy places to snuggle in.


Kelli Brewer said...

Did you pull out the hard drive and try to get stuff off of it? I'm not sure the extent of the damage, but he may just have loosened some screws or plugs. The hard drive might still be good!

Beth said...

Fun photos, sorry about the laptop, but congrats to Scott!
Love always,