Saturday, October 24, 2009

No One Had to Tell Him He is 2 Years Old

Logan actually turned 2 last Sunday, but after putting a lot of thought into it, Scott and I decided it would be best to pretend that his birthday was actually this Sunday. We knew with Alan being in the hospital and then coming home on Sunday we wouldn't have the time to really make it a day about Logan.
The funny thing about 2 years olds is that even if you don't tell them.... somehow they just know they are 2 now and act accordingly. It has been so funny to see the sudden 2 year old change take place in him. He is speaking so much more, has started coloring on everything, and loves to get upset when things are not going his way. Even with these two year old changes he still manages to be the happy little sunshine of our family. He is so much fun and it is such fun to watch him learn and grow.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!!


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Cute pictures! We love Logi! We almost called last Sunday to sing Happy Birthday but we were warned that it was postponed. So we'll call tomorrow!! Wish we could be there to PARTY!

Becky Lewis said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

Beth said...

You're right; no one did have to tell him he was two - he just knew! Happy birthday, Logi-boy. We sure love you and all of your cute pictures.
Love always,
"Grandma" Hilton

Ariane said...

I love those slide shows to commemorate their birthdays. Mind if I copy it? He's a cute kid, I have to say you and Scott make adorable babies. Keep going girl, your my inspiration!