Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Year Old Pictures

I took Logan out to a little trail by our house and tried to get some good 2 year old pictures of him. He was really more into the idea of throwing rocks into the creek and making silly faces, but I think I got a few where his cuteness shines through.
One thing I realized when Alan had his accident was that I hadn't been as good about taking pictures of the kids as I used to. So, I am trying to work on that. I think will take each kid out one at a time and try to get a good updated picture of them. It shouldn't be to hard since these pictures were taken across the street from our house. Maybe we even need to do family pictures in the next few weeks, but I will have to think about that. For now these will do.
Oh look our house in the background, cute.


Beth said...

It was a great birthday party and the pictures are priceless. We love you, big 2-year-old!
Love always,
Mom/Grandma Hilton

Ariane said...

These are beautiful, you are great photographer. I am shocked to see the background is so country looking, it seems your in a quieter place. I hope some day I can visit!

Andrea said...

Laura, he is so handsome! You took great pictures! :)

Becky Lewis said...

Do one of those daddy and boy shadow pics, I think they are soooo great. They will love it. These are cute and what a big boy he is now. XOXO

Diamond in the Rough said...

What a sweet boy :) and handsome too. You are such a good mommy!! I really need to get updated pics of my kids and a family pic too. First I need to get the baby's pictures. Life has been so crazy since baby #4 came along :) How are you doing? Are you ready for your #4??