Thursday, January 7, 2010

Answers to name that baby

Congrats to their Grandma Hilton and Great Aunt Becky for getting it right. I would also like to point out that their Daddy also easily got them all right. So here are the correct answers Baby A is Logan, Baby B is Emma (who was also the biggest and her poor little face is all swollen and bruised in that picture. I had kinda forgotten about that until looking back at the pictures), Baby C is Bryce, and Baby D is Alan (who is also the only one of my babies who didn't have a stork bite.)


Beth said...

Whew; what a relief! I got them right.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Becky Lewis said...

WOW! I can only give credit to inspiration......but then Autumn was looking over my shoulder and we debated each one. But we are good! And I sure am GLAD that Grandma Hilton got it right too.