Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Story of Bryce

Bryce Christian Hilton
December 29, 2009
8 lbs 14 oz - 21.5 inches

After what seemed like a whole year of pregnancy I was very ready to not be pregnant anymore. Other that being big, uncomfortable, nightly reflux, Bryce being on my cyatic, and the pain in my hips keeping me up at night everything with the pregnancy was great. I had hopes of Bryce joining us before Christmas, but I knew they were only hopes since none of my babies have ever come early.
Ultrasounds had Bryce measuring about two weeks big, but at least my doctor was willing induce me a week early to keep me from having a 9 pound baby. So on December 29th Scott's mom came down to be with the kids and Scott and I headed up to McKay Dee Hospital for my scheduled induction.
I was amazed at how nice and smoothly everything went. For those of you who don't know labor and delivery is my favorite part of pregnancy... really. We got to the hospital just after 10am and they got me started on the IVs and stuff like that. Once we had everything going, we put on a DVD we had rented on the way to the hospital, Up. Once the movie was over we decided to have the anesthesiologist give me the epidural. I wasn't really in any pain yet, but I was having pretty good regular contractions and if I figured that if I was going to get one I might as well get it before I was in a lot of pain. I think it was the best epidural I have ever had. It went right in and was just the right amount the whole time (I could feel everything, but it didn't hurt). Just before 2pm my Dr. Spencer came to break my water and I told him I thought I would be ready to deliver at about 3:30 or 4. At that point I was feeling a little sleepy so I made Scott go get food while I took a nap. (Is this the most boring labor and delivery story ever or it is just me) At about 3:20 Scott was back and I told him that I thought it felt like it was time, but I knew my nurse was busy helping the girl in the room next door, who based on what we had over heard was not having an easy time. So we waited a few minutes for a nurse to come check in on me. when a nurse came I told her I thought I was ready so she checked me and surprise surprise I was "complete." So they called Dr. Spencer and told me not to push.
We had to wait about 35 mins for the doc because there was a snow storm and bad traffic. By the time he got there everything was ready and waiting. It took 3 pushes and possibly 2 minutes and he was out. The official time was 3:59.
At Mckay Dee they had two options for what they do after your baby is born. The first option is the more "traditional" way where the doctor starts cleaning the baby up, Dad cuts the cord, then the take him over to the warmer to clean him up a little more and weight him and stuff before handing him off to Dad. The other option is called "skin to skin." That is where as soon as the baby is born they pull down the top of the mother's gown and lay him directly on her bare chest all fresh and slimy. I am going to let that sink in for a moment..... Now guess what I chose to do?? That's right I chose the traditional method.
So after Scott cut the cord they cleaned and measured Bryce and then wrapped him up. I don't remember why, he actually got to be passed off to me for a moment. It is always such a neat experience meeting these new little people.
A little bit later Scott went with Bryce to the nursery and they took me to my postpartum room. I was very impressed at how efficient they were even though they were busy that day.
Bryce and I spent the next 2 days there. Because Bryce was 8 lbs 14 oz a week early he was labeled LGA (Large Gestational Age) so they had to monitor his blood sugar levels and he was also most likely to be jaundice. I guess just because a baby is big that doesn't mean he is healthy. Due to the snow storms and all the rules about visitors we had very few visitors while we were in the hospital, but Bryce's Grandpa and Grandma Hilton made it up to see him. I think Grandpa was a little extra excited to see Bryce since they now share a birthday. There were no kids allowed so the kids had to wait 2 whole days to meet their new brother. It just about killed Emma to wait that long.
The day we went home Bryce's billrubin levels went into the dangerous levels, so we had to have a light blanket on him as much a possible and we have had to go back to the hospital every day to have his numbers checked. On Monday his level were low enough that we can take him off the light blanket. It is so nice to have him be a little more portable.
So far it has been SO GOOD having this new sweet little boy in our house. All the kids (and everyone else he meets) are totally in love with him. Logan has really taken to his new role of "big bro," which he says regularly while pointing to his chest. Alan caring and gentle with him and Emma just has too hold several times a day. Bryce himself fits right in, so far he has done very well sleeping through all the noise of our crazy house and is very patient and laid back with all the love and attention. We could not have asked for a sweeter baby.Already to go home


Ariane said...

Yes that was a pretty boring story :o) But exciting just the same! Thanks so much for sharing, I love when people share stories like this!

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Wow! Here's hoping my delivery goes that smoothly! Glad he made it here healthy and happy!

Beth said...

We're so thankful for our precious new grandson and that things are going relatively well. Here's hoping the blood test on the billirubin count today is good!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Kathleen said...

ahh, I just saw the boys are wearing the gymboree "big bro" shirt in the hospital. Of course you knew about those shirts!!

Cute pictures, and so happy #4 is hear and healthy!