Monday, January 4, 2010

Name That Baby

I probably have better things to be doing right now, or even more important posts, but just for fun I was looking back through our old picture of my little babies and thought it would fun to put up a little comparison. There is one picture of each kid and they are all from when they were in the hospital just after being born. Can you tell who is who?

Baby A
Baby B
Baby C
Baby D

PS I am waiting a little bit before posting any comments just so no one's guess is influenced by others. I know the suspense is killing you. ;)


Beth said...

I think I've got it figured out, but I don't want to be the grandma who couldn't figure out who her own grandchildren were. They're all cuties, though!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Kelli Brewer said...

Baby B is Emma, no? I'm lost on the others!

Becky Lewis said...

Baby D - Alan
Baby C - Bryce
Baby B - Emma
Baby A - Logan

This is hard! But FUN!

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Baby A- Bryce
Baby B- Emma
Baby C- Alan
Baby D- Logan
So I was there for three out of four of these guys' debuts, but that is seriously tough. I bet I'm completely wrong, but there's my guess!

Beth said...

O.K., I'm feeling braver. Baby A is Logan, B is Emma, C is Bryce and D is Alan. Am I right?
Love always,
Mom/Grandma Hilton

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

K so with a little more thought I think Baby C is Logan and Baby D is Alan. Forgot to look closely for the stork bite!

Holly said...