Saturday, February 27, 2010

Celebrating the End of February

February has been a bit of a blah month. It has had its good moments, like Valentine's Day and seeing friends, but all in all it was a pretty blah month. So to celebrate it coming to an end and cheer us up I made cake for dinner. Well I actually made chicken enchiladas for dinner, but as soon as the kids ate their little enchiladas and pears they got to start in on their cake.

I know what you are thinking...what Laura took the time to take pictures of this cute, yummy, fluffy looking little cake? But there is more to this little cutie than meets the eye. First of all it is cherry almond of my favs and second when you cut into it you are greeted by this:

I think it would be impossible not to smile while eating something so cheery looking. I first came across the cake at The Idea Room and was bummed that I didn't have any reason to make it. So I just made it anyway.

I also finally got Bryce's name up on his wall.

And we took a family picture. We will still be wanting to get a nice one in a few months (and hopefully Emma will be a little less excited by then), but this will do for now. At least we are all in it and mostly looking at the camera.

Well here's look forward to March. It will be filled with Bryce's Blessing, Alan's Birthday, Our Anniversary, Jazz games, yard work, crafts and hopefully SPRING!


Beth said...

Looks like a fun and productive day! Love the cake.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Andrea said...

Love that cake!!! What a fun idea to welcome March. (I, too, am super happy to say goodbye to February.) We had so much fun with you guys and wish we could have spent more time with you. Hope you are all well! Baby Bryce is adorable in his latest pics!