Friday, February 26, 2010

What a cute little helper

Just now I was sitting in the family room feeding Bryce, when I looked over into the kitchen and there was Logan standing on his chair with it pushed up to the sink. So I ask "Buddy what are you doing?" Then Logan called back "I'm doing the dishes, " in his cute baby voice. Sadly I had to tell him to get down, after all when you are two doing the dishes by yourself just makes a big mess. I did make sure to thank him for trying to help. Logan really has embraced being a big boy. He is always insisting that he can doing things himself or "me do it" as he likes to say. He likes to brush his own teeth, get himself dressed, put on his own shoes, buckle his carseat and he has even insisted on trying to change his own diaper (that one proved more difficult than he thought and he finally agreed to let me do it.)
We have started potty training a little, but I am kinda busy so really I just introduced the idea and I am going to wait until he decides to do it himself. That approach work well with Alan and it seems a lot easier for me.
Logan also really likes to help. It is funny because Emma and Alan have never really showed much interest in helping me pick up messes, or do the laundry, or get me things, but Logan is alway right there willing to keep picking up until the mess is gone.
Not that Logan is a prefect angel child all the time. He is plenty crazy and wild, usually jumping off, over, or on things and he throws a really good fit when thing aren't going his way. But he is a fun blend of sweet and sour if you know what I mean.

He has his sword down the back of his shirt so he could be a Samurai.

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Beth said...

What a good little helper! Keep it up, Logan.
Love always,
Grandma Hilton