Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alan's Batman Birthday

This year I decided to let Alan have his first friend birthday party. After months of trying to decide what kind of birthday party he wanted he finally picked to have a Batman themed party.

I knew I wanted to keep it kinda small so we limited our guest list to close neighbors who are 4 and will also on Alan's T-ball team leaving us with 6 boys to invite. I love who his invites turned out.

We started off with pass the present. All the presents had 4 or 5 layers and everyone got a Batman cape. Once all the little Batmans were ready we went down into the Batcave.

I decorated the basement with black streamers, a picture of Batman, and about 80 balloons including 12 punch balloons. After running wild with balloons for a while the boys colored treat bags and attached the pinata.
Then it was present time. Alan made out like a bandit but was nice enough to let everyone play with his new toys. This is Alan with his BFF Cade.We ended the party with a little cake and ice cream. Although you can tell I made a two-face cake, chocolate on one side and fun fetti on the other.
That night Scott brought home a little McDonald's for dinner. It was Alan's first Happy Meal.


Amanda said...

Fun fun Laura! You must be an awesome cake ambitious! You better share your tricks with me ;)

Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Looks like a super fun party for a super cool kid! Love you Alan boy!

Beth said...

That was such a fun party and Alan was a great little birthday boy with fun friends.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Ree-ch said...

Just wanted to say, late, Congrats on the darling boy, Bryce is adorable. Awesome cake too, so, was that "holy cake" for the believers, just kidding. Hope I can throw as cool of party's as you do.