Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just to Recap

On Sunday 3/7 was Bryce's baby blessing
On Monday 3/8 was our 7 year wedding anniversary... how time does fly
On Tuesday 3/9 I made Alan's birthday cake and did a demonstration for Relief Society night

On Wednesday 3/10 Alan had his 4th Birthday and we had a very fun Batman party for him (I will post more about that later)
On Thursday 3/11 I took all 4 kids to Alan and Bryce's well checks. Both boys are in the 90-95% for weight and 95+% for height. We were there for 2 hours and learned that Bryce has RSV. Thursday night was not fun.

On Friday 3/12 it seemed like all of the kids were destine to become sick

On Saturday 3/13 by mid-afternoon I had a very high fever, everything hurt, and I had to call my doctor after hours to see if he would call in a prescription for me because there was no way I would make it until Monday. He did.

I would just like to add a really BIG THANK YOU to Scott's Mom. Without her help I might not have survived.


Kelli Brewer said...

I still remember your wedding day! I remember all of us huddled in Crystal's car on the way to the Temple at all hours of the morning.

Congrats you guys!

Beth said...

Boy, did you guys ever have a week full of the bitter and the sweet! Glad I could be some help. You've handled everything that's been thrown at you so very well. Here's to a calmer, healthier week!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Amanda said...

Wow busy/rough week babe! Hope you are all feeling better now!