Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Fun

\\We needed to make up for the lack of fun we had last Halloween. So this year we had days of fun. Our fun started on Friday with a trip to IHOP for their free scary face pancakes.

Scott was able to join us before he went into work.

After our fill of pancakes we headed over to Gardner Village to check out the witches.

Emma and Alan did a super cute and funny dance to the creepy music.

I let each kid pick out a piece of candy from the candy store before we headed home.

Then Saturday morning we got up, got in costume, and headed out to the Zoo for a little trick or treating. I don't even know if I should tell every one about how awesome trick or treating at the Zoo was because then it might so awesome next year. But it was awesome, the animals were out, there was plenty of candy, and it really was not very crowded.

We were so close to the tiger it almost didn't seem like the mesh net separating us was quite enough.
Poor Bryce, doesn't it look like he wishes he could get in on the trick or treating? Next year buddy.
Check out the cute little monkey.

My pretty Fairy Princess.

It seemed like every one we walked past commented on the cute monkeys. I don't think it was because their costumes anything special (after all I saw about a dozen kids in the same costume). I think it was the volume of monkeys that made them so cute.

Emma petting a Boa Constrictor

I LOVE this picture.

We walked right under the clump of bats. There was nothing separating us from all these bats. It was gross, creepy, and interesting all at once.

Logan didn't really want to be in this picture.

After the zoo we took the kids to the Monster Block Party at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake.

The kids had a ton fun making these masks.

Next we headed over to Scott's parents for dinner before heading out from more trick or treating. Trick or treating was very rainy for the first half, but then it actually turned out to be a really nice night. Emma and Alan told me it was their best night ever.
Halloween was actually the Primary Sacrament Program. Emma and Alan both had parts and did really well.
After church we had a few neighbors over for a little Halloween Dinner Party. We had all kinds of Creepy foods. Scott and I had made root beer the night before and we also had a spooky salad bar, bone bread sticks, monster claw chicken, and other creepy food. It was a fun way to spend the night. I vote we always trick-or-treat the night before so we can just have fun on the actually night. The kids had fun with their friends and we had fun with ours.

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Beth said...

Wow, you guys really had a Halloween blow-out; glad we could share part of that with you! What cute little trick-or-treaters.
Love always,