Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Night at Chuck E Cheese

Last Tuesday we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. We had been planning on going there on Logan's birthday, but we had bought a $20 gift card for $10 on City Deals that didn't come in time for his birthday. Then we needed to use it before all our coupons expired. We actually had a coupon for like 35 tokens, a large pizza, and 4 drinks for 19.99. Then we had a coupon for 20 free tokens when use that other coupon, the we had a birthday coupon fir Logan to get 20 free tokens and Emma had a coupon for her half birthday so that was another 20 free tokens. In all that was about 95 tokens, a large pizza, and 4 drinks for $10. AWESOME.
(btw these are i phone pictures)

It was Brycey's first time having Chuck E Cheese pizza.

And they have this fun "blue screen" camera thing were the kids could be a part of the music videos they had on.

Emma and Alan on Yo Gabba Gabba

And of course they all had fun riding the rides.

It was a very fun night and everyone had a lot of fun despite Logan throwing a random fit the hamster style play structure. Scott had to climb up the slide to fish him out (he started crying for no reason we could figure out right at the top of the slide). Once we got him out of the play thing he then climbed under the bench announcing "I WANT TO BE ALONE." Personally I wouldn't want to lay on the floor under the table at Chuck E Cheese, but I guess 3 year olds don't mind it. Scott sat at the table with Logan and Bryce while the rest of us played and then when Logan was done being alone we all had fun until the tokens were all gone.

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Beth said...

What a great deal; looks like a good time was had by all (with the exception on Logan's self-imposed time-out!) Glad you guys had a fun night. Thanks for sharing!
Love always,
Mom Hilton