Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally on Antibiotics!

So when I woke up on Christmas eve I was really sick and I went into the doctor and told him that I was sick and needed antibiotics so I could get better and take care of my family and all that stuff that moms do during the holidays. He did a strep test, it was negative, and he sent me home saying he thought it was virus and there was nothing I could be about it. Long story short I never got better and have been surviving on about 6-8 ibuprofen and about 4 Tylenol a day for that past 13 days. So today I went back into the doctor and once again said I am sick and need antibiotics. So this doctor (different doctor) sent me to the lab and ordered a strep test and a blood workup. I was in the lab for almost an hour with all three kids and they let someone who was training draw my blood and then had to have someone who knew what they were doing come do it after he failed. Big surprise I was negative for strep, but myblood work showed I needed to be on antibiotics! I just wish the doctor would have listened to me the first time, it would have saved and lot of time, money, and head aches (literally).
The kids were very good the whole nearly 2 hours we were at the health center. I am so glad I have such wonderful, nice, and obedient kids. And they are cute too :)


Beth said...

I'm glad you can finally get better now and that your sweet kids were so good!
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Diamond in the Rough said...

I'm sorry you've been sick...but at least you are on meds now. You do have sweet kids. Take care and feel better.