Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Girls Be Warned

Oh my little Alan boy. He really is just a cool kid and I fear he is going to be a total heart breaker. During dinner yesterday he was talking about something. I think he was telling us (or his food) a story about his food. All of a sudden his little eyes popped up and he said, "Mom give me a kiss" and then he leaned forward over the table toward me. His little face was just so sweet and cute that I just had to lean over and kiss him...only it was also so cute that I just started laughing. As I leaned in, laughing too hard to actually kiss him, (his lips about an inch from mine), he whispered "just kiss me." It was very sweet and sly. So girls: watch out I have a little Casanova in the making.
A few other funny or smart things he has said lately:
During prayer and scripture tonight Alan put his hands down on the mattress and then used them to start walking up the wall. While upside down, half way up the wall, he said "I'm walking up the wall with gravity."
And while watching Aladdin for the first time he turned to Scott and said "This show has an evil Macaw."
There are many many more, but alas I can't ever seem to remember them. I think I should just record everything that he says all day, and then write a book or just give him his own show "Alan says the darndest things."
He also has gotten very into telling me how to spell things. His favorite, of course, is "A-L-A-N spells Alan, I have two A's in my name." Then the other day while driving in the van he asked "Mom I know A L A N spells Alan, but what is a word that spells C?" I guess he wanted me to tell how to spell a word that started with C. (he has had a hard time remembering that C says Ca) Anyway, I told him C-A-T spells cat and he just started singing a little song about C-A-T spells cat. What a silly kid.

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Beth said...

Alan certainly does say the darndest things and he always keeps us laughing! Also, those girls better watch out!
Love always,
Mom Hilton