Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a Silly little Logi I have

I swear Logan has enough personality for 5 kids.
So last week I was trying to get Emma ready for school at 9am and I needed to be ready to go to the store with Alan and Logan. So I gave Emma a bath, left the water in the tub, and then came down stairs to help her find her clothes and get Alan so I could throw him in the bath real quick. When I got down stairs Alan informed me that he needed to use the potty downstairs. So I am helping Alan when suddenly I realize that Logan has gone upstairs. Knowing far to well how his naughty baby mind works I ran up to the bathroom to find Logan sitting in the bath, full of water, fully dressed (in the clothes I just put on him) with a beanie baby and two crayons. He must have done a good job climbing in because the top of his shirt and his head were dry. He was so proud of himself, I had Emma bring me the camera. Please note he is wearing his "RASCAL" is just so true and fitting for him.
So Scott and I were recently called to be Valiant 11 primary teachers. Logan LOVES being in class with us. During sharing time he sat on the edge of his chair and he would raise his hand and say "ME" every time they asked a question or for a volunteer and then look over at me with a huge grin on his face. He actually spent most of sharing time just sitting in his seat being a big boy. He also sang along to all the songs.
Also Logan has started learning his body parts. So when we ask him where his nose is he says "here" and sticks his finger up his nose. I think the cutest part about it is that he is just so proud of himself when he does it.
And last of all he is just the cutest thing now for family prayer. He tries so hard to fold his arms and be reverent. I think there is nothing cuter than little baby arms folded in prayer.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Hahahaha! So funny! I'm so excited to see this little man tomorrow!!!

Beth said...

What a cute little rascal! We sure love him and all of his silly antics. See you all soon!
Love always,
Mom Hilton