Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alan the story teller

Lately Alan has started requesting poems at bed time. So I cuddle up next to him and he gives me the topic for that night's poem. His favorite topics are dragons, monsters, and mice. The last few nights he has wanted poems about "everything in the whole world." I have been surprised at the quality for poem I have been able to come up with on the spot. Although I can't ever seem to remember them by the time I am done reading to Emma. Anyway, tonight after my poem about a volcano on a world that is green with orange inside Alan informed me that he had a story for me. It was cute. I had to hurry and write it down before I forgot. So here is Alan bed time story for me. He told it very slowly for effect.

In a green green world that had dragons. Once there was a boy named Super Alan. He lived in a different world with a mouse. He was a mean mean mouse and there was a lot of dark dark dark. Super Alan went across a river and attacked the mouse. The End

I am pretty sure that is almost exactly what he said. Thanks for the nice story Alan Boy. As I was leaving the room I heard Alan say to Logan. I have a story you to Baby Logi. What I nice brother.


Becky Lewis said...

Love it! I used that time with my kids to tell them "stories" of a little girl named Becky, or Autumn or Starr and would tell them events that occured. They still have fond memories of that. An idea to pass along.

Beth said...

Sounds like Alan might be a creative writer like his daddy! Also, I'd like to hear some of your poems,Laura!
Love always,
Mom Hilton