Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Logan at 18 months

Logan turned 18 months on the 18th. Oh cute it is his golden month birthday. Anyway, I took him in for his 18 month well check last week and he my little man is now 26 lbs 12 oz. (60%) and 34 inches tall (95%). I can't believe my little baby is getting so big. He also recently started going to nursery at church and although he gets very upset when we drop him off, he has stayed the whole time and been very proud to show us his creation when it is time to pick him up.
Logan has also become a big boy in other cute ways. He loves to color now and he will not let me carry him anywhere, but he is usually very good about letting me hold his hand. He has also leaned to read and count... ok ok I guess that would be hard considering his vocabulary is still limited to words like MAMA (Always said with a large smile), Daddy, and no way (plus a few more). But he does open books, point to the words and say "A A A E E E B." That is also how he counts. I think it is pretty cute. When we told Alan that Logan was going to start coming to nursery with him Alan got excited and said "Oh good, does that mean he can talk in real words now." Despite his lack of words, I can usually understand what he wants.
Also he is still a very sweet little stinker. A few weeks ago we were heading to the van leaving the park and Logan decided he didn't want to. So he climbed back into the equipment where I couldn't reach him, folded his arms (it is funny how when he folds his arms to pray it is so cute and sweet, but when he folds his arms to be obstinate it is... well it is still cute), and said "no way" through his little pouty lips. So I just said "Ok bye Logan" (this always works). Suddenly Logan was running towards me with his hand out stretched saying "no no no no," but now it was a very different no. The sad little no's continued into the parking lot, his little hand in mine until he saw the van. Then once again the no's went back to the defiant ones and he pulled his hand out of mine and made a break for it. As a rule of thumb I ignore baby tantrums and I have found they end a lot sooner, but in parking lots you don't have the option of ignoring the fact that your one year old has taken off running through the parking lot. By the time I got to where he was he had snuck around a close by parked car and for a brief moment I thought a had lost him. Then I heard his triumphant giggle come for the front of the car. He realizes I am coming for him so he now starts running through the grass (at least now he now in a grassy park area safe from cars). He trips and is now on his hands and knees facing me still saying "no no no no" while he crawls backwards. Since he is now somewhere "safe" I decide it is time to ignore him. So I just said "fine Logan" and went on got in the van. The second the van door closed he was suddenly very mad and came running after me. I pretended not to care right up until Logan tripped at the curb and fell into the parking lot right next to our parked van. I jumped out and picked him up and in true Logan spirit he pushed me away and went back to the curb so that he could step down again to prove he could do it. Then he came over and let me put him in the van. Scott watched the whole thing (he was putting Emma and Alan in the van) and said watching that was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Logan has been a lot better about his tantrums since then but he is still a sweet little stinker. And don't tell him, but that little boy has me so wrapped around his little finger that I probably spoil him a little to much and let him get away with more than I should. He just seems to have one of those infectious personalities that you just have to love.

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Beth said...

That sweet little Logan really can wrap a person right around his little finger! I love the photos.
Love always,
Mom Hilton