Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Jesus should have named me Tarzan-Mowgli"

Tonight at dinner, Emma set down her hamburger and said "Jesus should have named me Tarzan-Mowgli, because I have really long hair." She and Alan had just finished watching Tarzan while Scott made dinner, and apparently she thinks that her hair is a lot like Tarzan's hair. And Mowgli's. She'd probably like it if we just let her hair go wild like Tarzan's too, she hates having it brushed. There are times when she does look a little like Tarzan-Mowgli, but we haven't caught a lot of them in pictures. Here's one that looks kind of ferral.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Hahahaha! I'm still laughing. I love funny things kids come up with and man Emma this was a good one! We love our little Tarzan-Mowgli!! Can't wait to see you guys and we hope the Bar and packing goes well!! Love you!

Beth said...

Emma, you are a gem! We love you to pieces, no matter what your name is!
Love always,
"Grandma" Hilton

Ariane said...

I don't think she's messy enough in that picture to qualify. That's the cutest thing to say!

Becky Lewis said...

I don't see that she cut any of that beautiful long hair off......or else it grows pretty fast. Cute girl.