Friday, July 17, 2009

Moving Along So Quickly

The nice people building our home are nice enough to send us pictures once a week, which is great since we won't be heading up that way this weekend and I get a little anxious about seeing it. When I first saw the pictures the first one I saw was of the stairs with the railing and I said to Scott "That's not our house." Mainly because I wasn't expecting railings and they looked so pretty. Anyway here are a few of the pictures we got today.

Yay for there finally being some of the hardy board on the front of the house.

In case you couldn't tell these are pictures of our railings and the kitchen, dining, and family room.

Time really seems to be speeding up now. Scott takes the bar in 10 days and we leave for Alaska in 12 day. I have 12 days to basically get us packed up and ready to move so that when we get home we will be ready to close on our hopefully finished house and move before Emma starts kindergarten. Not to mention that are trip to good ol AK is due to my sister's wedding so over the next 12 days I will be altering Emma's flower girl dress, making sure the boys suits still fit, making a flower girl basket and praying that my dress will still fit. Not to mention it is a 6 hour plane ride and they no longer just serve meals and snacks on the plane so I will be planning for that. All and all I feel really good about things I just wish I felt less pregnant so I could get more done in a day. But I realized a long time ago that getting stressed about things doesn't help so for now I am of that attitude of "hey no problem I can do that."


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Wow! Your house is coming along fast! It's looking great! Sounds like a busy 12 days. I feel ya though cause I'll be leaving for Trek in 6 days and I have to be all packed and ready for that and also all ready for UT and Dean to go to his conference cause we taking off right after Trek. Oh and Dean's sister is in town this week too so we should be spending time with her. Crazy busy is good though right!? Ha! Good luck with everything! We're excited to see you guys!

Beth said...

The house looks great! You guys really are in crunch time. We're praying for all of you.
Love always,
Mom Hilton

Becky Lewis said...

It looks beautiful! Scott - you go get a father's blessing before you take that exam. That is not a suggestion. XOXO Love ya.

Bek said...

Your house looks beautiful! Has your morning sickness eased at all? I hope so! Good luck with your busy month and a half.